Going All the Way With Cloth Wipes


  Once you've made the leap to cloth diapers it isn't long before you start thinking about using cloth wipes.  After tonight's Twitter #clothdiapers chat I realized that some people make this much harder than it has to be.  Stay simple friends and your life will be...well...simple! Here are the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about cloth wipes, accessories, and solutions: Do I need special wipes?  No, you can use anything from baby wash cloths to re-purposed t-shirts to make cloth wipes.  However if you want the softest material to touch your babies behind hemp/bamboo wipes are luxury!!  My favorite are the Thirties Fab wipes and the new (coming to the US in March) Itti Bitti wipes.  A 2 ply wipe is a nice quality too so there is less chance for the solids to sneak through to your hands (for those squeamish of the poo).  Our wipes collection includes one set of Thirsties, one set from Itti Bitti, a few bumGenius, and a ton of baby wash cloths. Do I need a ... [ Read More ]

Quench Your Thirst With Thirsties


Sponsored by Wee Willie Winks - an Orlando based cloth diapering retailer. Thirsties Duo Diaper Review: We've had our Thirsties Duo diaper now for a few months and I'm excited every time I pull it out of the drawer.  I love the orchid color - it's a perfect match to a few of Lil' B's outfits.  Since it has a Velcro closure I know that daddy will use it and I can throw it in the diaper bag for our sitter too.  The Duo is a two part diapering system.  While most pocket diapers are one-sized and start at 8-10lbs the Duo comes in two different sizes (Size 1 or 2).  The Size 1 is for newborns up to about 9 months (6-18lbs).  The Size 2 (the one I reviewed) is for 18-40lbs and should fit through potty training.  At 16mo and 21lbs Lil B fits nicely into the Size 2 - she was right at 18lbs when we received it and have never had any problems with the fit.  The Duo is a pocket or sleeve diaper - instead of the traditional pocket with one opening for the insert - the Duo has openings ... [ Read More ]