Would you like to win $700 worth of cloth diapers and accessories?

Something NEW and EXCITING has hit the cloth diaper community, and we are celebrating with a huge cloth diaper giveaway! ClothReviews.com, the ultimate source of consumer reviews for cloth diapers, has just made its debut. To kick start the launch of this awesome new resource for cloth diaper users, we have linked up with 20+ amazing bloggers (*blush* I'm an "amazing blogger" *blush*) and 10 great cloth diaper retailers to give away $700 of cloth diapers and accessories! Woohoo! The event starts tomorrow! April 1st - 5th we will have 5 days of cloth diaper giveaways. Each giveaway will only last 24 hours so make sure you stop by each day to enter! The best part is, we will have 5 WINNERS EVERY DAY! That means you'll have a total of 25 chances this week to win something fun and fluffy. Here is a sneak peek at what you could win!! I'll be joining the kick-off of this great new website and can't wait to see if YOU are a winner!  Check back here every day this week for new chances ... [ Read More ]

Summer of Cloth Giveaway

Summer of Cloth Giveaway @TheEcoChic

Do you love cloth diapers?  Wool dryer balls?  Lunapads?  Then this is a giveaway just for you!  I've invited a few of my favorite sponsors from throughout the year to join us for a Summer of Cloth Diapers giveaway!  This giveaway is going to run the entire month of June. Just look at the fabulous prizes that you could win... From Thirsties: 1 Duo Diaper and pack of Fab Wipes. From Sloomb: Prize to be announced soon..... From Moraki: Winners choice of one Moraki cloth diaper valued at $31. From Smart Bottoms: One 3.0 organic, one-size, all-in-one cloth diaper and large wet bag. From Green Team Distribution: A pack of 3 LooHoo Wool Dryer balls and Changing Diaper book. From Lunapads: $50 gift certificate to www.lunapads.com for reusable menstrual pads, menstrual cups, or menstrual panties. From Kelly's Closet:  $25 Gift Certificate to www.kellyscloset.com for cloth diapers and other natural parenting products. Want to learn more about the sponsors? You can visit ... [ Read More ]

On Breastfeeding, Attachment Parenting, and Judgement

TIME Magazine Cover "Are You Mom Enough"

Attachment parenting.  Extreme parenting. Extended breastfeeding.  Babywearing.  Cosleeping.  Cloth Diapering. What do you think of when you hear those words or phrases?  Do you hear positive words or negative phrases?  It all depends on how you parent I suppose.  I will tell you both sides of my story. Child #1 - Parenting Age - 29:  When my son was born I still considered myself a fairly young parent even though I know I was older than most of you when you had your first child.  I lived in a rural town and didn't have a lot of friends with children.  I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I wanted to 'try' to breastfeed my son for at least the first few months.  I was working full time and had no friends or family who I knew that breastfed.  My OBGYNs office didn't provide me with any guidance on whether to breastfeed or offer my child formula but they did give me free samples of formula.  In the hospital I struggled with breastfeeding but the lactation specialist and ... [ Read More ]

What is Fluffy Mail?

Fluffy Mail

What is Fluffy Mail? Since most of us don't have a local retail store to go pick out our fluff we mostly rely on the retailers we find and love online.  I have my favorite of course like DiaperShops.com (AKA Kelly's Closet).  When we place an order for new cloth diapers to add to our stash the hardest part is WAITING (it may be considered considered stalking to some) for them to arrive.  When your first package arrives it's almost like Christmas morning.  Depending on the retailer your new stash will arrive by USPS, FedEx, or UPS.  I've actually made friends with all three of my delivery guys and they have me on saved in their GPS for frequent deliveries!  (A sign of a true cloth diapering addict.) Fluffy mail can come in envelopes or boxes - large or small.  Sometimes it even comes eco-friendly with a reused shipping box (like my last box from Rumparooz).  However it comes to you fluffy mail actually makes going to the mail box fun again.  It's even more fun when it comes marked with ... [ Read More ]

How Many Cloth Diapers is Enough?

Don't you want me to tell you? Well to find the answer you are going to have to go visit my weekly guest post on the Soft Bums cloth diapering blog. Need a guest post on your blog? Email me for more information. ... [ Read More ]

I Support 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers for All Babies

  As I continue my cloth diaper journey over this past year I have become associated with many wonderful companies, organizations and people who support the modern cloth diaper revolution.  I'm still trying to decide how I can best serve the cause and bring cloth diapers into more homes.  One way I have began advocating cloth diapers is through the Real Diaper Association (RDA).  I am in the process of becoming an RDA Circle Leader...an advocate for cloth diapers in the community.  The RDA is a non-profit organization who works with parents all across the US to encourage the use of reusable cloth diapers 100% of the time!  I like to say that I use cloth diapers 99.99% of the time...and I cringe every time I put Lil' B in a hard, crunchy sposie.  My commitment to cloth diapers is primarily an environmental commitment.  Research shows that cloth diapers are far better for the environment than disposables.  Even though you will use slightly more water for washing...your babies ... [ Read More ]

Empowering Families, Improving the Environment

PRESS RELEASE: February 1, 2010 Miracle Diapers is now The Cloth Diaper Foundation; empowering families, improving the environment! As Miracle Diapers has grown so has the number of families they assist. In 2009, they helped over 450 babies directly, more than 100 babies through sponsorship and local distribution, and assisted other charities with the same mission as well! To better serve those families Miracle Diapers reaccessed it's structure and practices. They have: • New leadership with Roxanna Jolly—CEO and Lisa Johnston—Operations Manager and Board Chair • Relocated their headquarters to Katy, Texas • Restructured how they process and accept applications • Opened a retail store for fundraising • Founded a new membership program • Welcomed several new board members from the cloth diapering industry. In it's fifth year Miracle Diapers wants to continue moving forward and has decided to take on a new name that better describes the organization and it's mission. Miracle ... [ Read More ]

10 Alternative Uses for Breast Milk

Since I'm celebrating our 365th day of breastfeeding (i.e. my Lil' B's first birthday) and another nasty cold I thought I would share some alternative uses for breast milk.  1.  Clogged tear ducts and other eye infections.  Simply place a few drops of breast milk in the infected eye and it should clear up the infection.  I actually had to use this when Lil' B was only a few weeks old and it worked wonders for us. 2.  Chapped or cracked nipples.  Yet another personal use for myself both with Lil' B and her brother.  Simply allow the breast milk to air dry on the chapped nipple.  3.  Stuffy nose.  I still haven't tried this one but since Lil' B is battling a runny nose and cough I am going to try it today.  I've had friends swear by this to help their little ones breath easier. 4.  Ear infections.  I have to admit this one was new but not surprising.  Place a few drops in the infected ear to help speed up the healing time. 5.  Insect bites.  Again, another new use for ... [ Read More ]

Happy First Birthday Lil’ B


Today we celebrate the day that our baby girl blessed our family!  About this time last year I was welcoming her to the world and introducing her to our family and friends.  Our lives have not been the same since! Today we not only celebrate her first 365 days but we also celebrate our first year of cloth diapering (almost a whole year at least) and 365 days of breastfeeding!  I thank the Lord everyday for all that you have brought into our lives!  Happy Birthday Lil' B! ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #8


Giveaway Alert! Growing Green Bums is giving away one bumGenius 3.0 cloth diaper AND one set of bumGenium bamboo wipes!  ECO-ngratulations Amy! Yes, you read that correctly...we are giving away a bumGenius gift set!!!  I met Marissa, owner of Growing Green Bums, a few months back online and she has been an inspiration to me.  Not only is her online cloth diaper and Earth-friendly store awesome...she is also a member of the Real Diaper Association (RDA) training to become an RDA Cloth Diaper Circle Leader (cloth diaper advocate) with me.  She's located in Northwest Florida so we immediately clicked (being that I'm also in FL).  If you are anywhere near Navarre, FL I'm officially jealous of you!  Growing Green Bums offers local consultations, Cloth Diapering Workshops, and Home Reward Programs. Growing Green Bums sells all types of cloth diapers (prefolds, pockets, fitted, all-in-ones, all-in-twos, and organics) and accessories.  In addition to cloth diapers they also sell baby ... [ Read More ]