Merry Christmas

The Christmas Story

This year for Christmas I wanted to share something very special to me.  Every year as a child my dad would read us The Christmas Story that his father read to them as children.  On Christmas morning my brother and I would first go and wake up my parents and my dad would read us the story before we were allowed to go open presents.  It was a good way for us to remember why we celebrate Christmas - to celebrate the birth of Jesus. While re-writing The Christmas Story this year (my version is pretty beat up) I was asking my family if they remembered when Grandpa wrote the story.  He was a preacher and my dad and his brothers all remember him telling the story as a child.  My uncle remembers hearing the story as far back as 1951.  My dad told me that they all urged my Grandfather to write down the story so they could share it with their own children (us).  My Grandfather passed away the year I was born and we're guessing that the story was officially written down in the early 70's ... [ Read More ]