Why bumGenius Diapers are a Gateway Drug for Your Cloth Diaper Addiction

bumgenius 3.0 vs 4.0

  What was the very first cloth diaper that you ever purchased? For me it was a bumGenius 3.0 back in 2008 while I was pregnant with Lil' B.  It wasn't long after my first purchase that I decided to add the bumGenius 3.0 to my baby registry and ask all my friends to help me build my stash.  Why is it that lots of parents begin their cloth diapering journey with bumGenius brand diapers? Top 5 Reasons bumGenius Diapers are a Gateway Drug for Your Cloth Diaper Addiction Brand Recognition. If you ask anyone who has used cloth diapers in the last 5 years bumGenius is a leader in the industry and their name is known even by those parents who don't use cloth diapers.  When I was deciding on which brand to choose for my own baby I decided to purchase bumGeinus because their name was everywhere I looked.  It was on chat rooms, forums, in all of the retail stores,blogs and even on Amazon.com. Soft Colors. For us we didn't know the sex of our baby this time around.  I liked ... [ Read More ]

30 Reasons to Love Cloth Diapers – Diaper Covers, Pre-folds, Flats, and Snappis!


Day 17: Diaper Covers, Pre-folds, Flats, and More - back to basics cloth diapering! I normally write about one-sized and pocket cloth diapers because the majority of my stash is made up of these systems.  Since that is what I use most frequently I often forget about the other systems.  I'm surprised to see that a number of families I talk with on Twitter use (and swear by) old fashioned pre-fold diapers.  Yes, many parents still use the simple diapering systems that our parents and grandparents used on us over the new modern systems.  Families prefer pre-folds and flats for their economical benefits, ease of use, and absorbency.  Many parents will travel with pre-folds and flats since they are easier to hand wash when laundry services are unavailable. What is a pre-fold diaper? Many people are familiar with pre-folds because they use them as burp cloths or to dust around the house.  Or am I the only one who was raised using pre-folds around that my mom reused after we grew out of ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diaper Interview with Natali Morris


DAY 8 - Interview with Natali Morris about her 30 Day Cloth Diapering Challenge.  I've marked this as one of the 30 reasons I love cloth diapers because I have had the opportunity to 'meet' some amazing people since we started using cloth diapers.  Not only have I been talking with Natali this month; in the past year I've worked with many of the popular cloth diaper brands here on the blog (and at Eco Chic Parties).  I've also had the opportunity to actually meet and have lunch with Jennifer Labit - owner of bumGenius, I shared an entire weekend with Kelly Wels from DiaperShops.com andKellyWels.com during BlogHer, and have an amazing friendship with Julie Elkstrom - owner of Rumparooz...to name just a few!  Here is my interview with Natali: The Eco Chic:  Did your parents use cloth diapers on you? Natali:  No! When my mom learned I was doing this she was a little indignant. She said, “Your sister and you were just fine with disposables!” But then she helped me cloth diaper ... [ Read More ]

Introducing the bumGenius Artist Series, Tiny Socialite Collection by Chelsea Perry

bumGenius Prints

With much anticipation I wanted to be among the first to welcome prints to the bumGenius line of cloth diapers.  As you can see the papparazzi spotted Lil' B late yesterday afternoon sporting a first edition - luckily the papparazzi (aka The Eco Chic) didn't publish the pictures until after Jenn Labit of bumGenius was able to make the official announcement to the world on the Cotton Babies YouTube network.    Lil' B celebrated the release by standing in the front yard (wearing her new Eiffel Tower bumGenius print in black & white) yelling, screaming, dancing, pointing, and waving as our neighbors drove home from work last night.  (OK - so she waved at the houses on our block - we didn't actually see a single person, car, or animal while we completed our little photo shoot)  She wanted me to tell you that she wants to find out more about this new fashion designer Chelsea Perry who made he (already) fabulous bumGenius even more hip and trendy for her.  She is excited to be the first ... [ Read More ]

Bum Genius 4.0 VS 3.0

Looking for resources, tips, and advice for cloth diapering?  Be sure to visit my cloth diapering archives for a complete list of posts and reviews.  Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news and advice.  Thanks for visiting! The big buzz in the cloth diaper world today has got to be the buzz about the new Bum Genius 4.0.  If you missed the announcement watch this video-mercial - Yes, I was one of the thousands (yes, seriously thousands) of people who anxiously waited for 2pm CT today to be the first to see the new Bum Genius 4.0 on YouTube.  I have to be 'in the know' - you know?!?!  Now that I've had time to process the announcement here are my initial thoughts - GENIUS! Why?  The announcement alone was a pretty brilliant marketing plan.  They've been talking about the changes just long enough to get everyone worried about loosing the BG 3.0 that inventory at most retailers is now low - making room for the 4.0.  I haven't yet heard of any retailers selling ... [ Read More ]