College Football is the Yin to My Yang


This post is sponsored by Smack Apparel.  The Yin and Yang symbol is an integral part of my being. My astrological sign is a Pisces which is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions (similar to the Yin and Yang). There are two distinct characteristics that explain my happiness perfectly. I'm still mourning the end of summer vacation and trying to get back in the swing of the new school year. We didn't visit the beach nearly enough this summer for my "Yang" to be content. Aquamarine is still the color of choice on most days and enjoying the sun shining through the sunroof of my Jeep makes me happy. I have bags of seashells dying to be put on display from our recent trip to Sanibel Island. It still "feels" like summer. Every August I mourn that this season is coming to a close. ...but I'm equally as happy for my other side (my Yin) to make an appearance. My favorite color will be pushed to the back of the closet. My shorts will slowly be switched out for jeans. My ... [ Read More ]

Wear Baby Leg Warmers as Boot Socks

Little Big Fan Leg Warmers

  Looking for the perfect boot sock to wear this winter?  I've been stealing borrowing my daughters leg warmers to wear to football games.  We have an adorable pair of University of Georgia leg warmers by Little Big Fan in red with the Georgia "G" on them.  Here is how I wore them today in Athens: You could also wear them on your arms with a short sleeve t-shirt.  Or you could let your kids wear them (both boys and girls).  I think I need to get a few more pair so my daughter and I can both wear them on game day. Speaking of game was the last home game of the season and I'm sad that I'll have to wait a whole year to go back to Athens.  We've gone to almost all of the home games this year and it's been a fun year of tailgating (both with and without the kids).  Yes, we took both the kids with us this year and they had a blast. We'll be watching the SEC Championship game next week at home and then it's on to the National Championship!  (I'm dreaming big ... [ Read More ]