Magazine Bangle Bracelet Upcycled Craft #freefromtrash

Magazine Bangle Bracelet

My daughter got to make a bracelet yesterday from drinking straws.  Today I decided that mommy needed a new bangle! Supplies: Magazine pages Scissors Mod Podge Paint brush Bracelet form (I used a plastic water bottle) Directions: I started with a 2" wide strip from a water bottle (find one that will fit nicely over your wrist) but you could also use an old bangle.  Next I tore out pages from the magazine that were brightly colored.  I found some of my favorite colors Tiffany blue (turquoise), sunny yellow, mango, and green in the pages of the magazine.  Fold the pages of the magazine to 1-2" wide strips and wrap around the bracelet.  I taped the flaps on the inside of the bracelet then brushed the entire bracelet (front and back) with Mod Podge to seal the pages.  Let dry and wear proudly! Do you still receive magazines in the mail?  I only get a few but I just can't part with them.  I love the idea in Real Simple and the kids crafts in Family Fun.  Most ... [ Read More ]

Drinking Straw Bracelet Craft #freefromtrash

Drinking Straw Bracelet

Drinking straws are horrible for the environment!!! Think about one day of eating out (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with a family of four and how many straws get thrown away.  Now think about the waste from just one restaurant for one day.  The thought is just maddening and if your waiters/waitresses are like some of ours, every time they bring you a refill they also bring you a new straw!  Agh!!!  Seriously why do we need straws anyways?  (OK, I know a few germ-o-phobes who will tell me how dirty cups are but we're still drinking out of them, right?)  Doing this project this month has made me really consider how 'green' I am - someone needs to take away my 'green' card with all this trash I create every day! If you want to find something fun to do with your straws consider letting your kids make beads out of them.  My daughter made a complete necklace and bracelet set from 3 straws that we saved this week.  I gave her a piece of elastic cording and let her practice threading ... [ Read More ]