Enter to Win a Personalized Children’s Book from I See Me

Personalized Children's Book Giveaway

Have you heard of I See Me personalized children's books yet?  We have a few of the books in the series and my kids LOVE them.  When you order one of the books you give them your child's name and they add their name to the story.  For instance, in My Very Own Fairy Tale, each page reveals a new fairy and tells her name.  The first letter in the name of the fairies spell out my daughters name.  In the end they crown her to be their fairy princess - how sweet! You can enter first name, middle name, and last name if you want a really long story.  Each page is beautifully illustrated and it's so sweet that it includes your child's name.  They would make a great birthday gift, holiday gift, or perfect for special events in a child's life. I See Me has free shipping through 6/24/13 with coupon code SHIPFREE.  <See site for details.> Would you like to win a personalized children's book from I See Me for your child?  Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below and you could be the ... [ Read More ]

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Kids

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you looking for one more gift for your toddler or small child?  Looking for a cute stocking stuffer?  Here are a few items that my kids (or I) would love to unwrap on Christmas morning. iPieces Air Hockey - I found this several months ago while attending the BlogHer conference.  You download an app on your iPhone or iPad to use with these game pieces.  It instantly turns your iPad into an air hockey rink!  Kids and adults will love this game.  I just wish it had a small carrying bag so I wouldn't lose the pieces. Handstand Kids Cookbook Kits - If you have a young child who likes to help out in the kitchen this would be a fun gift to add for them.  In addition to the cookbook the kit also includes some kid sized kitchen tools.  Both my son and daughter would love one of these. Jellystone Designs Owl Pendant - Do you have an owl fan in your family?  Kids and adults will enjoy this adorable pendant.  Moms can use it for teething babies.  Older kids will enjoy showing off ... [ Read More ]

Shutterfly Photo Books Make Great Gifts

If you are like me you take a million (and one) pictures but you probably have them all stored nicely on your phone, camera, or computer.  I use to be so good at scrapbooking before I had my second kid but I don't think she has a single scrapbook of her own.  I don't even think I have an album for her at all and she's almost FOUR!  I guess it's time I start working on some photo books. Both my parents and my husbands parents love showing off their grandchildren to their friends.  There is still a few more days for me to create a photo book for them with pictures of the kids from this year.  With Shutterfly I can import my favorite photos from the year right into a photo book and have it printed in a snap.  The 8X8 is small enough that our mom's could carry them in their purses or leave them on their desk at work for their friends to flip through. Would you like to create your own Shutterfly photobook?  I'm giving away 2 of their 8X8 albums to 2 lucky readers.  Keep reading to ... [ Read More ]

Meet Kokopelli

Kokopelli & The Butterfly by Michael Sterns

While celebrating Earth Day at Honeymoon Island last month I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderfully talented children's author.  Michael Sterns is a local author of a set of children's books, Kokopelli & The Butterfly and Kokopelli & The Island of Change.  Michael is a self-published author and is very passionate about his stories.  His passion is what made me want to read these stories.  There are many messages in both stories including conflict management, acceptance, diversity, and care for the environment.  Kokopelli is a great role model and can teach children (and adults) many wonderful life lessons.  Michael spent a great deal of time in the layout of the books so that families could enjoy these stories together.  Each book is large enough so that as you read the story you wrap yourselves around your children; whether you have one or more kids cuddled up on your lap.  He made a special point to alternate the illustrations on the pages so children can share ... [ Read More ]

Evolution Book Review for Kids

With Darwin's 200th birthday coming next week I've decided to volunteer some of my time at my sons school. I found Lonesome George, the Giant Tortoise at the local library.   It's a childrens book (K-3) about a specific species of tortoise that is found on the Galapagos Islands.   George thinks he is the last of his kind and is looking for a mate.   I can't wait to see how the kids respond to the story. ... [ Read More ]

Travel Update & Book Review

I made it safe and sound to my destination and I didn't have nearly as much waste as normal today.  I did use my water bottle (refillable) all day.  Note to you travelers: don't fill it until you get past security since you can't take liquids through.  I filled it at the nearest water fountain which was tricky when only a trickle of water came out of the spout.  Maybe next time I will fill it at a restaurant instead.  The only waste I had was from the wrapper of my taco's that I had for lunch.  I even borrowed a book from the library instead of buying one at the airport.  Today's book is "The World Without Us" by Alan Weisman.  I'm only about 50 pages into the book but I want to read more.  It's exactly what the title suggests; what would the world be like without us.  The writer is very vivid and his use of imagery is wonderful.  He has an extensive Bibliography section and a web site so I imagine I will be doing some homework when I'm done.  The only warning is that the book is ... [ Read More ]

Eco Book Review for Kids

OK...so I'm waiting on some projects to be completed today so I guess I do have some more time to write. Last week little man and I picked out some new books at the library.  This weeks books were all eco-themed and earth friendly.  As we get closer to Earth Day I wanted to really get some books that I could use to help get him to care about the Earth.  It's really funny to hear kids when you ask them questions about energy and the environment.  Here are the ones we got and a mini-review on each.    "Why Should I Save Energy?" by Jen Green This is part of a series of environmental themed books like Why Should I...protect nature, recycle, and save water?  It does a good job giving a simple definition of what energy is and what life would be like without it.  It gives you the opportunity to ask the kids other ways they would save energy.  Like my son's favorite one, "we could walk, run, or take a scooter."  Good book for the little one's.    "Diary of a Worm", by Doreen ... [ Read More ]

Environmental Book Review – Kids

I found a list of children's books in my latest issue of Cookie magazine and there were two books that were recommended about the environment.  Since my son loves the library so much we stopped by last night to see if they had them.  Of course we had to read them as soon as we got home and he really liked both of them.  Here is the information on the books; check them out next time you're at the library.  The Little House, by Virginia Lee Burton: This book was written way before it's time back in 1942 and has achieved the Caldecott Award as well.  It's about a little house in the country who sees the city off in the distance and wonders what it might be like to live in the city.  After many years the urban sprawl has made it's way to the country where the little house lived.  My little guy thought it was a cute story, a little sad at times, but with a happy ending for the little house. The Raft, by Jim LaMarche: This one was a little long but if you have the time I would ... [ Read More ]

One for the kids; one for the moms!

This afternoon I'm going to spend with my son doing some green things.  We made a trip to the local garden center today to get some seeds and we're going to plant a small window box garden with some of our favorite veggies and herbs.  We already started with the tomatoes last week when we planted the seeds in an old egg carton (talk about reusing!).  While reading my regular blogs I can across a new site to visit with him so he can learn more about what it means to be green.  Scholastic has a site I've never seen before called Act Green.  It has games and activities for the kids to help teach them how to be green.  They also have a book list with lots of environmental reading to choose from at all ages.  I need to remember this list on our next trip to the library.  I also found a new site worth reading for the moms (or any parent really).  I was attracted by the name...Crunchy Chicken...how original, I love it.  This lady sounds like she's a little darker green that me with my ... [ Read More ]