Why I Love the Library

Love Your Library @TheEcoChic

The school my kids are going to this year doesn't have a library.  It's a small charter school and the location they attend is brand new so they haven't even begun building their library collection.  Each teacher has their own classroom set of books but it doesn't really give the kids much variety. We've always been fond of the library but we never really had much reason to visit regularly until this year.  Sure we'd go during the school year to look for special books for reports and such; but never on a regular basis.  This year we've started a tradition and have been going every Tuesday after school.  This is really the first year that I've seen my daughter have an interest in the library. My son has his favorite sections of the library.  He enjoys using the computer to look up his favorite authors and can navigate his way around a library like a pro.  In our town, the kids participate in Battle of the Books each year.  The kids are encouraged to read all 15 books in the Battle of ... [ Read More ]

Pin Around the World with ISeeMe.com #worldadventure

Pin Around the World Together

I See Me! creates beautiful children's books that are personalized with your child's name.  To celebrate Earth month and the newest I See Me! storybook, My Very Own World Adventure, we are hosting a Twitter Party to help inspire you and encourage you to complete your My World Adventure Pinboard for the I See Me! Pinterest contest that begins on 4/19/13.  We will be celebrating the different cultures that are represented in the My Very Own World Adventure book. About the Pin Around the World Pinterest contest:  Visit I See Me! on Facebook and complete their entry form.  Then select 3 (or more) of your favorite pictures to add to your My World Adventure Pinboard.  The pictures feature 63 original paintings that were commissioned by I See Me! by artists all around the world.  These paintings make up the pages of the My Very Own World Adventure book.  To enter the Pinterest portion of this contest: http://woobox.com/4udgrm About the I See Me! #WorldAdventure Twitter Party: Date: ... [ Read More ]

Reinvention – Sewing With Rescued Materials (Review)

reinvention book

I have flipped through the pages of Maya Donenfeld's book, Reinvention, the past few months dreaming about which projects I'm going to make first.  Reinvention is an instructional book that uses rescued fabrics like linen, burlap, wool, and denim.  The materials are beautiful and when they are rescued by Maya they are even more beautiful. The 28 projects in this book bring you back to simpler times and truly speak to the sustainable crafter.  They are simple enough that even the novice seamstress can complete them (like ME).  Unfortunately I was saving a few projects for this week and I got sick (inner ear infection) and have been going to bed instead of crafting.  No worries though, I'll catch up over the weekend for you and bring you the rest of my Upcycled Crafting Challenge next week. Some of the projects in Maya's book that I'm truly inspired to create myself include: Portfolio - a laptop or iPad case.  Maya made this with rescued linen but I'm going to attempt it with ... [ Read More ]

Join Beth Terry on The Motherhood June 18

Beth Terry's book Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too finally released this week and I couldn't be more excited for her.  Beth has worked very hard over the past several years documenting her efforts to live without plastic in her life.  When Beth approached me about being interviewed in her book I didn't feel worthy since my own life is not plastic-free, but I do know a lot about cloth diapers and that's what she wanted to talk to me about.  We spent over an hour on the Skype as I gave her the complete breakdown on cloth diapers - even showing her some of my favorites and how they worked.  I'm so honored to have my own little section in the book that will reach thousands of families who want to live a more sustainable life. To kick off the launch of the book, Beth has been invited to join The Motherhood for a Book Party today, June 18th.  Join us to talk about Beth's new book and living plastic-free. Get personal solutions and tips on limiting your ... [ Read More ]

#ChangingDiapers Twitter Party with Kelly Wels (10/18)

It's officially released!  The Mom's Choice Awards winning book; Changing Diapers, The Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering by Kelly Wels.  Changing Diapers is now available in print and e-reader and it's already landed itself on a few Amazon Top 10 lists.  Cloth diaper retailers around the globe are now stocking Kelly's book.  Amazon offers her book in both print and e-reader versions.  You can read my full review on The Eco Chic blog about why I think this is the essential guide book for any parent trying to decide if cloth diapers are right for their family.  When I showed this book to my son I had him look on page 191 (the page where Kelly lists me as a popular blog dedicated for fluff) he thought I was famous!  It was really cute actually. Anyways...join us on Tuesday, October 18th as we celebrate the official launch of Changing Diapers, The Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering.  We have a ton of awesome sponsors who have donated amazing prizes just for you.  Oh, and ... [ Read More ]

My Mommy is a Blogger – by Sommer Poquette

My son always asks me "mommy what are you doing on the computer today?"  He's probably the only kid in his school who is well versed in his 'social media' vocabulary.  He know's that mommy tweets for work, uses Facebook to interact with customers and readers, and that I blog (and sometimes it's even about him).  He's even been my product tester and knows when something special arrives in the mail.  But how do you explain to your child what exactly a "blogger" is? Sommer Poquette (AKA @GreenMom) and I met last year at BlogHer '10.  I had no idea until a few months ago that she was working on a children's book about this topic.  I'll let you watch the video trailer to the book while I go place my order for this book...   This is a perfect book for the child of a blogger! I'm actually thinking about buying a copy for my sons school too. If you'd like to learn more about Sommer or her book, My Mommy is a Blogger, please click here to visit Green and Clean Mom ... [ Read More ]

Movie Review – No Impact Man

Tonight I decided to watch No Impact Man the movie - it was available instantly on NetFlix and hubby had a softball game so I knew I had the television to myself.  If you haven't heard about No Impact Man - a family of 3 decide to live an entire year without making an environmental impact.  The goal was to reduce their waste to zero, eat locally, organic, vegetarian, and live without electricity.  They live in an apartment/condo in NYC so they have a lot of local advantages to living a greener lifestyle - they can commute via bikes and they have local farmers markets.  While I watched this documentary of their lives I saw so much of my own life mirrored in the film.  I can relate most with the husband because I'm the one who attempts to change my families lifestyle.  It was great to watch and listen to his wife as she explained her feelings towards the project and the changes that they were making - especially since she wasn't 100% behind him on every change.  I see so much of my ... [ Read More ]

Day 13: Kids Think Big, Do You?

Think Green

Giveaway Alert!  If you have a young child in your life you will want to read to the bottom of the post and enter this great giveaway! ECO-ngratulations to Danielle, Slee, & Tracy! When my oldest was born a coworker told me how important reading was to children even as an infant.  Our first book that we received (from this same coworker) was The Very Hungry Caterpillarby Eric Carle.  Thus began our love of reading together.  As a very young child he enjoyed being read to.  We made it our special time together as mother and son to read together every night.  We will still (on most nights) read together before bedtime.  Our collection of books is very diverse and includes many wonderful and well known titles along with some not so known titles.  Now that he is older (yes, my baby is entering first grade in the fall) I continue to look for books that help mold the young man that he is becoming.  It is amusing to see how 'green' he has become.  It's not unusual for us to be at ... [ Read More ]