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Lessons learned while traveling with kids, dogs, and spouses

Observations from the road trip: 1- My son can’t say ‘pecan’ or ‘cotton’ properly! Even being raised in the South he must not hear me say them much. At 8yrs old he says the ‘pekin’ and ‘coddin’ – I need … Continue reading

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How do you blog when you’re offline?

This is a question I’m going to open up to my readers and fellow blog friends.  When you decide to take time off how do you keep your blog active?  I’m never good at scheduling posts ahead of time because … Continue reading

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What’s on Your Fridge?

  5 Things that are on my Fridge Today 1. #1 Dad magnet that the boy got for hubs a few Christmases ago. At their annual Holiday Store at the school this is what he purchased for his dad.  This … Continue reading

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Can I Really Make a Difference?

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a very nice woman who works with the American Lung Association who was looking for influential bloggers to help her spread the word about the Clean Air Act and our children’s health. … Continue reading

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Start Pinning – Pinterest Addiction Explained

Are you on Pinterest yet? I got an invitation to join Pinterest a few months back but never activated my account because I was too busy with other projects.  Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed more and more of … Continue reading

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Eco-Confessionals & Mommy Guilt

Breathe In – Breathe Out – Breathe In – Breathe Out!  I’m finally catching up from my three day jaunt to Nashville, TN where I attended (along with 650 other bloggers) the annual Blissdom conference.  Having attended BlogHer last fall … Continue reading

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Finding My Bliss at Blissdom11

Can anyone guess where I’m heading this week?  #Blissdom11!! Now most of my followers are probably staring at their computer screens going “huh?” or “Bliss-what?”  or maybe “Oh, isn’t that like BlogHer?”  Yes, it’s a blogging conference where bloggers meet … Continue reading

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Hide and Seek with The Eco Chic

I’m all sorts of geeky today – I decided to start posting information on a few other community blogs to gain some additional exposure and hopefully reach some mom’s that don’t regularly visit us over here at The Eco Chic.  … Continue reading

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Read Every Day, Lead a Better Life – Scholastic

I’ve been planning this post for over a month now since my trip to BlogHer in NYC but I’m afraid it’s going to take me more than just one post to tell you all about it.  While I was in … Continue reading

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Three Years Ago –

Three years (and one week) ago I bought a domain name – The Eco Chic- and began writing.  Who would have thought that today I would still be writing and (trying) to make my name known in the blogosphere.  Why … Continue reading

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