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What? Me Blog?

It seems like I haven’t really spent much time on my own blog lately since I’ve been so super busy with work (Kelly’s Closet) and writing for Tampa Bay Moms Blog.  Some days I forget that I actually have a … Continue reading

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10 Things I Did This Summer

Have you missed me?  My last blog post was July 2nd!  I should feel ashamed that I didn’t touch my blog for the entire month, but honestly I feel so refreshed.  I worked, took vacations, and had a lot of … Continue reading

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Where do I find my bliss?

One of the joys of blogging is being able to go to blog conferences to see my virtual friends; the people I talk with and interact with on a daily basis but rarely get to see.  My primary goal when … Continue reading

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Top Posts of 2012

As we say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013 I wanted to share with you my most read blog posts of 2012 and a few of my hidden favorites.  Surprisingly some are still popular from 2011. Most Read Posts of … Continue reading

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Blog Conference Survival Tips

Are you attending your first (or fifth) blog conference soon?  In 2010 I packed my bags and headed off to my first blog conference.  I had never met any other bloggers.  I didn’t really even know a lot of bloggers. … Continue reading

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My Personal Pledge (January)

A few days ago I challenged you to make a Pledge to Go Green in 2012.  My first challenge was to set a goal for yourself and to write it down.  I promised that I would come back and share … Continue reading

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Eco-Fantastic Fan Celebration & Giveaway!

Eco-Fantastic Fan Celebration with The Eco Chic! We’re only 4 days into 2012 and it’s been a great year so far!  In addition to my Lil’ B turning 3, I reached a new goal on Facebook with over 3,000 fans … Continue reading

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My Mommy is a Booger…I Mean Blogger!

Have you ever tried to sit down and explain to your kids what a blogger is?  Why you spend all day on Facebook?  Why you have parties on Twitter? Then you need a copy of “My Mommy is a Blogger” … Continue reading

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Lessons learned while traveling with kids, dogs, and spouses

Observations from the road trip: 1- My son can’t say ‘pecan’ or ‘cotton’ properly! Even being raised in the South he must not hear me say them much. At 8yrs old he says the ‘pekin’ and ‘coddin’ – I need … Continue reading

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How do you blog when you’re offline?

This is a question I’m going to open up to my readers and fellow blog friends.  When you decide to take time off how do you keep your blog active?  I’m never good at scheduling posts ahead of time because … Continue reading

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