Upcycled Cardboard Blogger Business Cards

cardboard business cards

Are you a blogger and need some business cards that will stand out from the rest?  PR agencies and businesses get thousands (if you're going to BlogHer '12, 4,500+ attendees) of cards.  How do you make your card stand out from the rest? Being an eco-friendly "Green" blogger I've always struggled with business cards because they really waste a lot of natural resources and most people only need them for a short period of time.  I have an entire box of business cards that I had made in 2010 with my sponsors names on the back.  Kind of hard to reuse when it says "My 2010 Sponsors are..." This year I will have a mixed batch of cards.  I still have about 20-30 square blogger business cards left from 2011 that I will use up.  I also have my 2010 cards that I will apply address labels over the 2010 sponsor information on the back.  Finally I have a batch of upcycled cardboard blogger business cards that I made from some used cardboard boxes. Directions:  Cut cardboard to desired size ... [ Read More ]

One Week Until #BlogHer11

The Eco Chic on Facebook

With all my preparations for flying away to California next week I haven't had much time to add new content here.  That doesn't mean that I haven't actively been working on my blog.  For those who don't blog I thought I would share a bit of the 'behind the screen' activities that make up my days (and nights). During the day I work as a Social Media & Marketing Director for a few cloth diapering companies.  I spend much of my day surfing Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and behind the scenes in our shopping cart looking at sales.  I come up with new sales, promotions, and giveaway opportunities.  I research new technologies and experiment with things like Google+ and QR Codes. I also spend all day reading and responding to emails on my 7 email accounts. Yes - I have 7 email accounts (plus 1 for my son) pushed to my iPhone.  I delete more than I respond to but ever so often I get something so exciting in my inbox that I absolutely just squeal in excitement at my computer screen.  Of ... [ Read More ]