There’s Snow and Stonyfield Smoothies in Utah (and on the Moon)

Eating snow

  I have you confused with the title don't I?  Snowing?  Smoothies?  Utah?  The Moon?  What happened after my trip to Blissdom last month?  I teased you with it a few weeks ago but (as time always does) time slipped away from me.  When I boarded my flight from Dallas, instead of heading home to Tampa I flew to Utah!  My husband and the kids were boarding a plane around the same time to meet me out there for our Spring Break.  (Read all the way to the bottom to find out how to win some Stonyfield Smoothies!) I know, normal people go to the beach for Spring Break!  We've always wanted to take the kids to see snow.  My son last saw snow at the age of 1 when we were still living in Georgia and our daughter has never seen snow.  Both my husband and I were raised in Georgia and only saw the occasional dusting and ice storm.  So we finally packed the kids and set out on our very first family snow skiing adventure.  Here's a quick glimpse at some of our favorite moments in the ... [ Read More ]

Where do I find my bliss?

Blissdom Recap_10

One of the joys of blogging is being able to go to blog conferences to see my virtual friends; the people I talk with and interact with on a daily basis but rarely get to see.  My primary goal when planning these trips is to learn a few new skills but I always end up leaving with more friends than skills. Blissdom is the perfect conference for blending my goal of learning a few new things and having a good time with friends.  I've gone for the past 3 years and each time I leave with so much bliss.   This years goal was to learn how to use my brand new DSLR camera.  Blissdom always has an exciting photography tract and I knew this was a perfect time to learn. Day one didn't disappoint.  I met up with a large group of ladies for the annual Blissdom Photowalk around the Gaylord.  I didn't know anyone going into the Photowalk aside from a few virtual friends I had met on the Facebook group.  I met up with Jenn from Real Posh Mom who was new to this photography thing too.  We mingled ... [ Read More ]

Blissdom Bound

Yesterday I spent the morning packing my little bag for 10 days, 2 cities, and 2 different climates.  I went to bed before my 4 yr old (she’s a night owl) and woke up shortly after my regular bedtime.  My shuttle to the airport arrived 30 minutes early and didn’t have any additional stops after me.  By the time I arrived at the airport it was only 3am and I beat most of the airport employees in.  After waiting for about an hour, I was finally able to drop off one bag and wait some more.  Another hour before security was operational.  Finally after 2 hours I finally opened my eyes, with the help of Starbucks and my iced chai latte. Today I’m heading to Dallas, TX for the Blissdom blog conference.  This will be my 3rd year attending Blissdom and I love that it’s in Dallas this year.  I’ll be meeting old friends and making new friends.  With me I have a brand new DSLR camera which I intend to learn how to use while in Dallas.  I’m looking forward to learning the manual camera skills ... [ Read More ]

A Greener Bunny Trail – Tips for Greening Your Easter

Green Easter Tips

I cannot believe that Spring is almost here and Easter is less than a month away.  While at Blissdom this year I got to spend a few minutes with the Easter Bunny and his friends from Hershey's to talk about how to green your Easter. 5 Tips for Greening Your Easter: Skip the plastic grass please!  If you must use grass in your basket use the recycled paper grass and reuse/recycle it when Easter is over with.  The plastic grass is horrible to the environment and makes a huge mess anyways.  In the past I've been known to shred junk mail at home and make my own Easter grass (this also works for packing material too). Reuse a basket!  The one thing I remember as a child is that my mom reused our Easter baskets each year.  It was the only thing that remained the same each year and I'm pretty sure if I go searching through my moms storage shed I might still be able to find my basket from childhood.  We started this same tradition with our kids.  Get creative with your baskets too - you ... [ Read More ]

#marchphotoaday Challenge on Instagram (and everywhere else) with @FatMumSlim


February is almost over and my favorite month is coming up - March!  Why is March my favorite month?  #1) My birthday is on the Ides of March, #2) My anniversary is the first week of March, and #3) My oldest turns 9 on St. Patty's Day!  I am 100% Pisces and my son shares many of my traits as well.  I love spring!  I love seeing flowers in bloom (but I hate the pollen).  I love the first real beach trip of the year.  I love Spring Training baseball.  I love everything about March!!   It's also time for a new Photo-a-Day challenge with @Fatmumslim!  Every month I get a little better and one of these days I may actually finish a challenge!  For February I did great until I left for Blissdom.  I'm a few days (ok - 5 days) behind and should probably catch up! What is #MarchPhotoADay?  You can read all of the 'rules' over on the @Fatmumslim blog.  It's amazing how many people are participating in the challenge and I love following all of you on Instagram (and Twitter and Facebook) and love ... [ Read More ]

New Year, New Wardrobe, New Earth

Earth Footwear

Isn't that a beautiful picture.  Wonder what it is?  It's the bottom of my brand new pair of Earth® "positive heel" shoes from the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. If the bottom of the shoe is this pretty you know the rest of the shoe has to be gorgeous!  If you've never heard of the Earth® line of shoes they are well known for their negative heel technology that promotes wellness while still having a very contemporary, comfortable, stylish appeal.  The new Earth® collection is known for the same contemporary style with the new positive heel heights for those wanting a dressier look. (Like the old style? Don't worry it's not going away.  You can find our more about it at I'm not much of a heel person myself because I'm always chasing after my very active kids but I was quite surprised at how comfortable these shoes are.  With a cushioned footbed, padded heel area, and reinforced arch support I felt like I was in my favorite pair of ballet flats.  With the ... [ Read More ]

5 Things I’m Looking Forward to at Blissdom 2012

 In just a few short weeks I'll be boarding a plane and heading North to Nashville for my second Blissdom conference.  Last year I decided on a whim to go and it was the best decision I made all year.  I actually learned so many valuable lessons last year that I can hardly wait to see what I will learn this year.  I'm excited to see that they have revamped their schedule this year too.  For those who have never been to Blissdom or for those who may be going for the first time here are a few things I'm really looking forward to... 5 Things I'm Looking Forward to at Blissdom 2012 NEW! Handmade Marketplace - I need to remember to bring some cash and be ready to shop!  I can't wait to see what these creative moms have in store for me.  It will be like shopping on Etsy only in person - I think I may get in a little bit of trouble.  Perhaps I will find some inspiration for some craft projects of my own or perhaps I'll find some new site sponsors.  Only time will tell.  This will be ... [ Read More ]

Blissdom 11 – Looking Back

Kelly and Calley

Has it really been a week since I left Nashville and headed back home from Blissdom?  I'm so glad that I decided to go this year and I have even more stories and moments to share with you. Why do I want to share my conference experiences with you?  To give you a look behind the real reason we all blog and attend blogging conference - to make real life connections.  We tend to hide behind our computers all day (or night) and forget that these are real people with real families and real stories.  While there are lots of lessons we learn that make use better bloggers I think the real value is making those real connections in life. 1.  I want to thank Sommer Poquette of Green and Clean Mom for encouraging me to register. She told me that it's the one conference she will go to every year because she gets so much out of it.  She's totally right!  Only having BlogHer to compare it to I know my experience may be different than some but wow - I'm fully charged, inspired, and ready to go!  To ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Confessionals & Mommy Guilt


Breathe In - Breathe Out - Breathe In - Breathe Out!  I'm finally catching up from my three day jaunt to Nashville, TN where I attended (along with 650 other bloggers) the annual Blissdom conference.  Having attended BlogHer last fall I wasn't really sure what to expect but I had heard such amazing testimonials over Blissdom that I was super excited.  All I can say is that I totally found my BLISS and will be making Blissdom a regular event each year.  I honestly learned so much about the business of blogging and about myself.  I want to share with you just one of my many stories... First a picture for you to enjoy: What do you see when you look at this picture?  What thoughts immediately come into your mind? It isn't hard for a mom to find guilt and shame everyday in our lives is it?  Why are we so hard on ourselves?  It's just a hamburger, right?  The conversation came up several times at Blissdom about my niche and my readers.  My readers expect me to talk about ... [ Read More ]

Finding My Bliss at Blissdom11

Blissdom Box

Can anyone guess where I'm heading this week?  #Blissdom11!! Now most of my followers are probably staring at their computer screens going "huh?" or "Bliss-what?"  or maybe "Oh, isn't that like BlogHer?"  Yes, it's a blogging conference where bloggers meet up, share ideas, create new ideas, and form real life relationships.  I had the pleasure and joy of attending one of the largest conferences held each year last August (BlogHer) in NYC and I have to admit it's still overwhelming to think about all the things that happened that week.  Did I really have lunch with the Jenn THE inventor and creator of the bumGenius cloth diaper?  Did I really form an amazing bond with Kelly from Kelly's Closet?  Did I really meet and partner with great companies like ecoStore USA, Plum Organics, and so, so, so many more?  Did I really meet other eco-minded bloggers like Green and Clean Mom, Beth Terry, Melissa Moog, phD In Parenting, Consientious Confusion, Condo Blues, and so, so, so many more?  ... [ Read More ]