Toddler Room Remodel – Before

Toddler Room Before

My Lil' B is almost 3 years old (Jan 4th) and she's still sleeping in her baby crib.  This is the same (out of date and recalled) baby crib that her brother used over 8 years ago.  She hasn't ever tried to escape (climb out) from the crib so I've never pushed for converting the crib to a toddler bed.  (That plus I secretly want her to remain a baby because I refuse to accept that she's almost 3!!) Yesterday while the kids played I decided it was time to clean and organize her room.  I'm dying to remodel her room but I have a few limitations: 1.  Space - her room is not very large and it's also our guest bedroom.  In addition to her crib, dresser, and bookshelf we also have a futon for when guests (usually one of the sets of grandparents) stay the night.  We only have 3 rooms in this house so there is no official guest room. 2.  Guest bed - the guest bed must stay in her room because there isn't another room to move it to.  In addition the guest bed must hold two adults so a ... [ Read More ]