Sea Shell Picture Frame Tutorial For Kids

Sea Shell Picture Frame

We just got back from a week long beach vacation and we may have collected a huge bag full of sea shells, sea glass, and other sea rocks.  When we got home we made a quick trip to Michael's to pick up some craft supplies.  Picture frames, glue, jewelry cord, ribbon, candles, and jars are all sitting next to our dining room table ready for us to get our craft on! We weren't home for 5 minutes and my daughter (she's my crafty minion) was begging me to make the shell heart frame!  The begging continued for almost 24 hours before we actually had time to sit down and work on it.  I probably won't be opening an Etsy store anytime soon but we had a lot of fun and will have sweet memories when we look at it. Supplies Needed: Wooden picture frame Miscellaneous paint brushes Acrylic paint (assorted colors) Elmer's Glue Sea Shells Picture from the Beach Directions: Paint the wooden picture frame.  You can tell that we had different techniques.  I prefer one solid ... [ Read More ]

Packing the Perfect Beach Bag & Accessories – Diapers Included!


With summer fast approaching – and your dream beach vacation already booked – what do you need to pack for your wee ones to make the beach fun and relaxing?  Being a Florida girl (at least for the last 5 years) I’ve found some important things you don’t want to forget on your next trip.   If you aren’t lucky enough to be staying ON the beach your bag might be a little more like mine – our beach is about 10 minutes away.  For those of you who are staying ON the beach you may need to modify the list slightly.   Me Top Beach Accessories:  -Beach chairs, blanket, and towels.  I’m more of a blanket/towel girl while my husband likes to lounge in his beach chair.  We found some great beach chairs at Target that are very functional – especially when you are toting a tot!  Our chairs have a backpack strap on them and a pocket for storing you towel, shoes, or wallet.  This type of chair costs a little more but it’s worth the investment so you can throw it on your back and ... [ Read More ]

What Matters Most to You?


I'm really trying this year to not get carried away with all the commercialism of the season.  I've realized this year that my son takes a lot of things for granted because he's never 'needed' anything that he hasn't gotten.  It's not an easy thing but we're working on giving from the heart.  I mentioned a few days ago how I am trying to give my son something from the heart each day for Advent.  Special time with me is something that I'm sure he will remember and value when he is older.  So far we've made rice crispy treats together, we've decorated our tree together, and a few other things.  Tonight I treated my kids to another special family night. The weather in FL was fabulous so I decided to pick up McDonald's and take the kids to the beach after school.  I had forgotten how early the sunsets this time of year so we only had 20 minutes before we were asked to leave the park (we went to our favorite State Park beach) because it was closing.  It was ok though, the weather on ... [ Read More ]

A Green Day at the Beach

September 15th was National Coastal Cleanup Day and October 20th is Florida Coastal Cleanup Day so it is appropriate that I share tips on how to keep our beaches (and other waterways) clean and green.  Living next to the beach has awakened my senses on how lazy people can be.  Last year we took our 4 yr old (then 3) to a beach cleanup in October and do you know what the most common item on the beach was?  Cigarette butts.  Followed by random plastic debris (bottle tops, straws, etc).  So here are some tips on making your beach trip better for the environment. Pack a small grocery bag in your beach bag for your trash (and for others). Remember the old saying; "Leave only footprints...take only memories", and don't leave anything behind. While you can't pick up the whole beach before you leave you can clean your area; pick up the trash that others have left behind. Have recycleables to trash but the beach doesn't have a recycling area; take it home and put it in your own ... [ Read More ]