20 Things Only Beach Lovers Understand


I grew up visiting the beach with my family.  My grandmother lived 2 blocks off St. Pete Beach when I was a kid and I have fond memories of those times.  The beach continues to be a big part of our family and the primary reason we moved to Florida.  While at the beach this week for vacation (yes, we still vacation at the beach even though we live near one) I thought I would share some of my random thoughts about visiting the beach that only a true beach lover would understand. That the ugly shells are the prettiest shells on the beach. Early morning and late afternoon are the best time to visit. Finding sea glass is like winning the lottery! You look 10X tanner in the shower after a day at the beach even if you're not! You'll pay anything for a drink and food while sitting on the beach. Beach towels are completely optional.  You'll probably only use them to sit on for the car ride home. Backpack chairs are a must; especially with kids!  Ours have a big pocket in ... [ Read More ]