Tushie Ties Bamboo Cloth Diapers Stocking Update, New Ties, and a Coupon


I have exciting news to share from a local Tampa Bay mom, Crystal.  Her line of bamboo tie on diapers are back with some great new ties! Tushie Ties cloth diapers are stocking today (Monday, 7/23) with 7 new prints and 2 comebacks. What are Tushie Ties?  Tushie Ties diapers are similar to a prefold but instead of using a pin or snappi you tie it on with a piece of ribbon that is sewn on the diaper.  The ribbon is sewn on the front and there are two small reinforced holes at the top.  You lay the diaper down like a prefold (angel fold style) and simple lace the ribbon through the holes and tie it on.  It’s actually quite simple and it looks adorable once it’s on.  There is no PUL on the diaper so you will need a cover with these.  You can see pictures of a Tushie Tie on Lil' B from late last year in my review of the Tushie Ties. If you like prefolds and flats but prefer the softness of bamboo you will love Tushie Ties. Introducing the 9 new ties (or prints):  tie game, berry ... [ Read More ]

Paper Culture Bamboo Wall Art Perfect for Dad

Bamboo Wall Art by Paper Culture

Are you looking for a really unique and special gift to give your dad (or husband) this year?  Take your favorite family photo and turn it into a priceless piece of art.  Paper Culture will take your photos and print them on bamboo plaques that he can hang at the office or at home.      Bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable material that can grow up to 4 feet in just one day.  With every purchase you make at Paper Culture they will plant a tree in your honor.  The plaques are available in 4 different sizes and are ready to hang with their special keyhole on the back. Place your order between now and June 1st and save 40% on Bamboo Wall art in time for Father's Day.  Use coupon code BAMBOODAD at checkout (order must be placed and approved by June 1st). I have one of the L O V E multi-colored wall plaques that I received from Paper Culture after BlogHer last year and it's high quality and looks great hanging in my daughters room.  I'm trying to decide which photo to use ... [ Read More ]

Tie on a Tushie Ties Cloth Diaper & Win

Tushie Ties Cloth Diapers

Giveaway Alert!  Read to the bottom to win your own Tushie Ties cloth diaper! Have you heard of Tushie Ties yet? They aren't new but they are a small mom owned and operated company that is local to my area (Tampa Bay, FL).  I had the honor of meeting Crystal (the owner) in the spring at the Great Cloth Diaper Change Tampa Bay.  In fact, we're already planning to work together on the 2012 GCDC and have some big surprises in store for our local friends. I had coffee a few months back with Crystal and she offered me one of her diapers to test out.  If you know me I love new diapers but I usually stick with pockets and simple diapers.  The Tushie Tie diaper is similar to a prefold but instead of using a pin or snappi you tie it on with a piece of ribbon that is sewn on the diaper.  The ribbon is sewn on the front and there are two small reinforced holes at the top.  You lay the diaper down like a prefold (angel fold style) and simple lace the ribbon through the holes and tie it on. ... [ Read More ]

BabyKicks 3g – Name that color!!!


I've always been a big fan of the BabyKicks line of cloth diapers.  I tried their Bumboo diaper over a year ago and it's still a regular in our rotation.  Since then I've also added the updated 3g diaper in Chocoholic Pink Love (a Kelly's Closet exclusive color).  The 3g took the already wonderful Bumboo and made it even better. The 3g has a slightly wider waist and a longer one-size hemp insert.  In addition they added some fabulous new colors to the collection last year including Azure, Meadow, and Poppy.  Late last week BabyKicks released their newest color....a nameless orange 3g. Nameless?  Orange? Yes, that's right!!  They have a new color that they will be releasing very soon but they need your help in naming this fabulous addition.  Visit them on Facebook and suggest a name for the new orange color (let them know The Eco Chic sent you).  For every 50 people who leaves a suggestion BabyKicks will be giving away one free diaper - in orange of course!!! So head over to ... [ Read More ]

Cloth Diaper Review – Nifty Nappy Fitted


A few weeks ago I worked with Vilate from Nifty Nappy on launching her new website with a Twitter Party (over at Eco Chic Parties). I was a little intimidated because I don't use wool or fitted diapers - until now. Vilate gladly sent me a Nifty Nappy fitted along with their nappy inserts (made of organic bamboo and hemp). I don't however have a wool soaker or any other wool covers/longies/etc. I've been pairing our fitted along with a Flip or EconoBum cover for now. Fit: I love how nicely (and trim) the Nifty Nappy fits and I absolutely love the adorable pattern (Pretty Paisley). The pattern was so cute I hated to put a cover over it - I wanted to show it off. TIP: Fitteds need diaper covers because they don't have any PUL and aren't water-proof. Fabric: The other key feature that I really liked about our Nifty Nappy is the softness of the fabric and the insert. The outer layers are cotton knit, there is a layer of hemp on the inside, and the inside is a soft microfleece that ... [ Read More ]

Introducing Bum Essentials Cloth Diapers

Bum Essentials

Giveaway alert!  Win your very own Bumbino reusable cloth diaper - details following the review. Eco-ngratulations @Squirrel083!   Have you heard?  There's a new kid on the block - and it's not those 5 teen rock stars from the 80's - it's Bum Essentials!  Bum Essentials is the newest line of cloth diapers and accessories to hit the market and I had the honor to review the complete product line;the Bumbino, the Bum Pad, and the Bum Bag. Bumbino - a reuseable cloth diaper Features: -Waterproof PUL outer liner -Soft micro-fleece inner liner -Aplix (Velcro) cross over closure (perfect for the tiny babies all the way to toddlers) -Adjustable snap rise makes it a one-size diaper (8-34 lbs recommended) -Elastic front and back!!!  *This is one of my FAVORITE features because Lil' B sleeps on her belly and always leaks out the top where most diapers are prone to gap. -Snap in soaker inserts; available in Classic or Terry Towel versions -Front snaps for soakers - the placement of ... [ Read More ]

Get a Kick Out of BabyKicks NEW Bumboo Pocket Diaper

BabyKicks Bumboo

Giveaway alert! One lucky reader will win a BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket Diaper and a Premium Duz-it-All. Details following post.  Closed! Eco-ngratulations to DebbieLG @MSU_MOM_TO_2 you are the winner! Despite how lame I know this is going to sound...I got a total KICK out of BabyKicks newest diaper, the Bumboo pocket. I mean seriously, look how adorable it is when it arrives in the mail. BabyKicks is a small family owned business that hand makes about 90% of their products in Maryland. In addition to their new Bumboo pocket diaper they also sell fitted diapers, pre-folds, nursing pads, burp pads, and blankets. When the Bumboo first arrived I was in love with the softness of the inside and the interesting leg gussets. The Bumboo is a one-sized diaper that fits babies from 7lbs to 30lbs (comparable to most one-sized diapers). As you can tell from the picture above it has snaps but they are side snapping. Side snapping simply means you don't snap the diaper by pulling the side tabs ... [ Read More ]

Why Softbums Are Really the Perfect Fit Cloth Diaper


Giveaway Alert! One reader will receive a Softbums Cloth Diaper of their choice.  For details keep reading.  Giveaway has ended and the winner is Khrys! @momof3dolls! ECO-ngratulations! Continue reading to learn more about SoftBums cloth diapers! As we enter our second year of cloth diapering I'm excited to try new brands.  We recently added a Blazing Orange Softbums to our stash and I wish I would have found this one early on.  I can honestly see why they claim to have the "Perfect Fit."  Softbums is an all-in-two cloth diaper with a snap in insert.  The inserts are available in dry touch (a micro-fleece/micro-terry combination) and also in bamboo.  Each diaper also comes with a doubler for those heavy wetters.  One great advantage to an all-in-two is that you can reuse the cover a few times just by snapping in a new insert.  There is no need to wash the cover each time unless it's soiled.  This will extend the life of your cover and save you time in the laundry ... [ Read More ]

Bamboo Bums – Eco-Fluff for Your Little Bear


Giveaway Alert!  Bamboo Bums is giving away $25 Bum Bucks (e-gift certificate) to one lucky reader! All readers win with a coupon code good until Dec. 15th! Details at the end of post! I'm quickly learning that in the world of cloth diapers the possibilities are endless!  You can have your prefolds, flat folds, pockets, all in ones, all in twos, one size, sized, velcro, aplix, snaps, loopy doos, microsuede, bamboo, hemp, organic, cotton....well you get the picture!  It can be a little overwhelming for the newbies but it's actually quite exciting for the seasoned cloth diapering mamma (or pappa!).  I was just reading an article today about using receiving blankets and t-shirts as diapers!  I have also come to realize that cloth diapering parents can differ in what they prefer.  Some parents are really after the most economical cloth diapers that are out there while others are looking for the easiest options available.  If there is one thing I've learned it's that there is no ... [ Read More ]

We Care Clothing

WCC Logo

Don't forget to enter my Blogiversary Celebration Giveways!  These wonderful giveways all close on Sept. 23, 2009 at midnight (EST).  Tonight I'm feeling rather 'fancy' and 'trendy' so I thought I would share with you a new online green clothing store I was recently introduced to.  We Care Clothing!  This great little clothing store features beautiful designer clothing and accessories for women, mens, and kids.  Their clothing is made from organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp fabrics.  Why should you choose organic clothing?  We often choose organic foods because they are healthier for us.  Organic fabrics are made from plants that were grown without the use of fertilizers.  These fertilizers contain a lot of nutrients that help the plants grow bigger and faster but they are inefficient.  The majority of the nutrients from fertilizers are washed away and not taken in by the plants at all.  All of those nutrients seep into our groundwater, our streams, rivers, and eventually into ... [ Read More ]