Packing the Perfect Beach Bag & Accessories – Diapers Included!


With summer fast approaching – and your dream beach vacation already booked – what do you need to pack for your wee ones to make the beach fun and relaxing?  Being a Florida girl (at least for the last 5 years) I’ve found some important things you don’t want to forget on your next trip.   If you aren’t lucky enough to be staying ON the beach your bag might be a little more like mine – our beach is about 10 minutes away.  For those of you who are staying ON the beach you may need to modify the list slightly.   Me Top Beach Accessories:  -Beach chairs, blanket, and towels.  I’m more of a blanket/towel girl while my husband likes to lounge in his beach chair.  We found some great beach chairs at Target that are very functional – especially when you are toting a tot!  Our chairs have a backpack strap on them and a pocket for storing you towel, shoes, or wallet.  This type of chair costs a little more but it’s worth the investment so you can throw it on your back and ... [ Read More ]

Paper or Plastic…Reminder!

I hate it when I get to the grocery store only to remember that I left my reusable shopping bag at the house!  I have to find a no fail way to remember the last month I have used them twice but that leaves 2-3 times that I've forgotten them.  They are so much easier than those plastic grocery bags and they hold so much more food.  I finally bought a third one and can you believe that I can actually fit a whole grocery cart full of stuff in 3 bags?  That's how big they are.  And I love it when I'm in the produce section I put the produce right into the bags so I don't have to use those small plastic bags for each seperate item.  Anyways...since I'm always forgetting to take mine I thought I'd remind you to take yours with you next time.  I think I need to start carrying one as my purse...then I would never forget it.  What tricks do you use so you don't forget yours?  I'd keep it in my car but we have 3 different cars...who knows which one we'll be driving.  ... [ Read More ]

Bag It!

Bag It!

Next time you are at the grocery store (or any other store for that matter) why not bring your own bag.  We've all seen the green fabric bags that some grocery stores sell for you to tote your goodies home in but how many of us really use them?  I had two friends this week tell me that they brought (and/or bought) their own bags to the grocery store.  I guess I've been rubbing off on some people...but I need to try this one myself.  So what difference will it make?  There are some really neat websites out there that go futher into the debate over paper-vs-plastic and which one is better for the environment however, both choices use natural resources that are intended to be used once and then disposed of.  While many of us have reuse options for these bags (cleaning the kitty litter box, carrying our lunch to work, bathroom trash can liners, etc) I would have to say that most of us have more bags than we have uses.    ... [ Read More ]