Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #14

Giveaway Alert! Win a Dittany Baby Mei Tai baby carrier in the color of your choosing.  See coupon codes below for all readers.  ECO-ngratulations Natalie A! Check your email for details. Dittany Baby!  If you've been a reader for a while you already know who Dittany Baby of my favorite companies for trendy baby products!  HERE is my interview with Shannon, owner of Dittany Baby, from this summer.  You can see my review and pictures of their fabulous pouch sling and skid pants there also.  Shannon was kind enough to send Lil' B and I one of their Mei Tai style baby carriers for the Eco-Holiday Gift Guide.  We received a special Mei Tai in the Stockholm print (see pattern image in pouch sling) and black TODAY and I was so excited I had to share it with you immediately!  I have secretly been dying for a Mei Tai carrier since Lil' B was first born but needs and wants are different when you have 3 pouch slings (2 Hotslings and 1 Dittany Baby sling) and an Ergo.  Now that ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #12


Giveaway Alert! Win a $10 gift certificate to spend at Picnic Basket Crafts on Etsy.  ECO-ngratulations Zealandsmom! Is anyone else addicted to Etsy?  It's my inspiration to dive back into my artsy crafty self and create!  (Of course with my 2 kids and a full time job...and a blog...I don't really have the time!)  Etsy is a worldwide site that allows creative people to make handmade goods for the rest of the world.  My favorite thing about Etsy is that everything is made with love and passion from people just like you and I.  One such person is Tiffany, owner of Picnic Basket Crafts.  Tiffany creates eco-friendly decadent products for your body, home and baby.  Tiffany creates an amazing line of body products that would make a great at home spa day!  Just add a bottle of wine and some good friends and pamper yourself with her Facial Scrub or Foot Soak.  Cloth diapering mama's will love Tiffany's Cleanse and Moisturize Mist for your cloth wipes...the fresh scent will take away ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #3

Giveaway Alert! Win a starter set just like the one in the picture below from Your Baby Can Read. Eco-ngratulations Khrystina! Check your email! Your Baby Can Read! We've all seen the know the one's with the babies watching the videos, playing with the word cards, and acting out the actions...reading!  I would have been all over this video with my first child but you get a little more relaxed with your second (at least I do) and don't push them as hard.  I have a friend of mine who has used this with her own child and she said it was cute.  She said her baby would see the word clap on screen and begin clapping along.    The set that I received (the same as the giveaway) is only 1/5 of the full intro set but it's plenty to fall in love to!  Based on Dr. Titzer's Early Language Development program the intro set includes a DVD Early Learning Workshop, the Parents Guide, Learn to Read Word Cards, and a starter book.  Having an older child who monopolizes ... [ Read More ]

Organic Muslin Baby Wrap


Giveaway Alert!  Want to win a cute blanket like the one in the picture above? aden + anais is giving away one organic muslin baby wrap to a lucky reader.  See below for details on how to enter.  ECO-ngratulations Desiree! Watch your email for details on how to claim your aden + anais baby wrap! A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  I don't normally like to show pictures of my family but I couldn't resist, Lil B's smile just spoke to me here.  The gorgeous blanket that Lil B is cuddling is by aden + anais.  It's 100% organic cotton muslin and measures 47" X 47" in size.  I love that it's light weight which is perfect for our hot Florida weather.  It's all natural, organic cotton fabric so it's free of nasty chemicals and safer for my baby.  As if that wasn't enough, it's also machine washable. While the organic wraps only come in a few color options (for both girls and boys), they also offer non-organic wraps in a larger variety of colors.  The organic wraps sell for $34 ... [ Read More ]

Extra Baby Bonus! Swami Baby Boutique!


Giveaway alert!  Swami Baby Boutique is giving away 3 organic cotton baby tee's/onesie's.  My absolute favorite is the Same Diaper, Different Day Tee.  Check out the other Think Green T-shirts at Swami Baby Boutique!  They are available in sizes 6mo-24mo only.  ECO-ngratulations Carol, Gwen & Alysia!! To enter to win all you need to do is visit Swami Baby Boutique and leave a comment HERE about your favorite Think Green T-Shirt!  Three lucky winners will be selected at the end of the Eco-Summer Blog Party!  Register by July 15th at midnight (EST). Swami Baby is a cute baby, toddler and mommy boutique that gives a voice to our own wise little ones.  You can even find cute matching tee's for you!  Good Luck! ... [ Read More ]

Day 9: Lost in a sea of plastic, how about you?


One of my goals with the Eco-Summer Blog Party was to provide you with valuable information on some hot environmental topics each day.  One of the hot topics in the news lately is BPA and toxins in our plastics.  All of the information out there seems very intimidating, even to me.  I have read some great blogs by people who are passionate about their fight against plastics.  As a crazy busy mom of two some topics are just too deep for me to grasp my arms around and embrace change.  BPA and plastics is one of those topics.  It's much like global warming...I know that it is a real phenomenom and that I should change my lifestyle...but the changes that are required are just too much.  We hear global warming but we don't really know what we can do ourselves.  I asked Alicia Voorhies, owner of the online retailer The Soft Landing, to educate us a little about BPA and plastics. Guest Post by The Soft Landing's owner, Alicia Voorhies.  Coupon Code at bottom of post! Surely you've ... [ Read More ]

Aromatherapy Baby Body Wash


  What do you use to wash your baby?  Like most parents I use the old fashioned Johnson's and Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash.  How can I not use something that costs a mere dollar at most retail stores?  They give it to you free at the hospital.  You get a million bottles at baby showers.  I'll be honest, this is what I've used on my son and this is what I currently use on my newborn.  But what's in these traditional baby washes?  I found this on the J&J website: Ingredients: Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, PEG-150 Distearate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Chloride, Polyquaternium-10, Fragrance, Quaternium-15, Citric Acid I was given a sample of the ECO store USAs Baby Body Wash so I tried it.  It's not normally something I would splurge on (unlike the Baby Nappy Balm) at $10 a bottle but after comparing ingredient lists I might consider it.  Here is the ingredient list of the Baby Body Wash: Ingredients: Water, Sodium ... [ Read More ]

Product Review and Giveaway

Baby Nappy Balm

I just received 3 products in the mail today from ECO Store USA, a company that offers environmentally friendly products for baby, bath, body, hair, home and pets.  The company started in New Zealand and recently began to expand into the US.  I feel like a little kid every time I get something in the mail that's not a bill or junk mail.  When my package arrived I quickly opened it to see what was inside.  Inside my package was a liter of Plant Based Super Concentrate Laundry Liquid, a bottle of Aromatherapy Baby Body Wash, and a jar of Baby Nappy Balm.  I'm going to spend the next week reviewing these products for you as I use them on Little B and around the house.  At the end of my reviews I'm proud to announce a giveaway of $25 worth of ECO Store USA products.  More details on the giveaway are coming so visit regularly so you don't miss it! First thoughts?  Professional and eco-friendly packaging.  The items were in a small box with a few pieces of recycleable newsprint ... [ Read More ]

Welcome Eco-Princess

That's right...we have a little green princess that joined our family!  We'll she actually joined us on January 4th but I have been a little busy to update here.  We are all home and doing well, just trying to adjust to a new routine.  So how are we doing on the 'green' scale?  So so...probably about a 5 out of 10.  Hospitals aren't that green; everything is disposable.  Although I would rather everything been clean and sanitary than worry about cloth diapers and rags.  We are nursing so she is getting the most natural and healthy food possible.  I do need to start watching the things I eat a little closer to ensure she gets the best food.  And there is no waste in bottles to heating milk up at 2am.  It's on a constant supply and demand and always ready to go!  I nursed my son for almost a year and plan to do the same with the princess.  Diapers...well the princess is only 6.5 lbs so she's too small for the Bum Genius 3.0's.  They are huge on her so we ... [ Read More ]


I just realized it's been 11 days since my last post!  The EcoChic has been busy preparing for a baby.  My friends held a 'green' baby shower for me last weekend and it was very cute.  Everyone was very eco-thoughtful with their gifts and the hosts did a great job with the decorations.  This week I have had a little set back...this baby has decided that it doesn't want to play by the rules.  On Tuesday we spent the day in the hospital with some unanswered questions...basically we lost a little fluid but they can't find anything wrong.  Now I'm on bed rest for at least the next 2 weeks.  So if anything else exciting happens in the next few weeks you'll understand my absense.  We're not due until January so we're really hoping this child decides to wait at least until December. ... [ Read More ]