Mumi & Bubi Solids Starter Kit – Review and Giveaway


Giveaway alert! One lucky reader will receive a mumi & bubi Solids Starter Kit (TM).  Details at the end of the review.  ECO-ngratulations Shelley!!! Have I ever mentioned that my daughter will eat A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G? At 2 years old she's no longer a baby and eats a healthy variety of foods (along with some not-so-healthy indulgences).  She's always had a healthy appetite and we never had a problem introducing new foods to her.  We started introducing solids around 5-6 months (which is later than we introduced solids with her brother) and avoided most of the prepared baby foods.  As I did with her brother I felt it was important to feed her homemade baby food, most of which were the pureed versions of what I prepared for the rest of the family. One of my favorite websites for baby food recipes was Homemade Baby Food Recipes.  My go to baby food was mashed avocado - one that both of my children loved.  The one challenge I had with making our own baby food was how to store the ... [ Read More ]

Sprout Baby Review & Giveaway


Giveaway alert! Win a $25 gift certificate from Sprout Baby AND get a coupon code for 15% off your first purchase at Sprout Baby AND a chance to win $2500 in cash!  Details at the bottom of this post.  Eco-ngratulations Nancy! All of my readers can save on purchases at Sprout Baby and save 15% off your first order with coupon code SBBL055!! Sprout Foods! No, baby food does not have to be boring?  And it doesn't have to come in a glass jar!  If you have shopped the aisles of the local grocery stores lately you might have noticed that the baby food has been invaded by celebrity chef Tyler Florence.  His gourmet organic baby food line, Sprout Foods, is spoiling babies all around the country!  Babies just like Lil' B are loving the new flavors such as Peach Rice Pudding and Oatmeal with Roasted Cinnamon Applesauce.  Sprout Foods uses all USDA certified organic ingredients with no preservatives, sugars, or fillers.  Their resealable pouches are BPA-free and leave a smaller ... [ Read More ]

Day 3: Baby Foodie Friday


GIVEAWAY ALERT!  Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for the third contest of The Eco-Summer Blog Party!  CONGRATULATIONS JULIE & JEANNE!  Lil' B will be 6 months old on Saturday and we have recently introduced solid baby food to her.  Most doctors recommend introducing solids anywhere between 4 and 6 months of age.  We introduced solids to Big B at about 4 months but I was little more patient this year with his sister.  We almost made it to 6 months before she started stealing food right off our plate!  No kidding...she would literally grab for any kind of food within reach.  And once again we were faced with another parenting decision...homemade baby food or commercial baby food? It's much more common these days to hear about parents preparing fresh baby food for their little ones.  Back when Big B was a baby I was a huge fan of the book Super Baby Foodby Ruth Yaron.  It was great because it provided a list of foods and at what age it was best to introduce those ... [ Read More ]