Update on Positive Parenting and Kid Pointz

It's been 12 days since I installed the Kid Pointz parenting app on my iPhone and iPad.  I'm a tad bit excited about how well it's working for us and thought I'd give you an update. My kids both love the award and reward system.  They actually look for ways to earn a few more points each day.  At the beginning my son was so excited that he woke up before me and completed his daily chores so he could earn his reward points sooner.  They both have the opportunity to earn about 7-10 points a day, with a few extras that I can apply for really good (above average) behavior. Below are a few tasks my kids can earn points for (not a complete list): Practicing karate (my oldest) Brushing their teeth (both) Cleaning their room (both) Placing their clothes in the hamper (both) Doing the dishes (my oldest) Eating all their food (both) Feeding the pets (my oldest) Getting dressed without help (my toddler) Having a good day at school (both) and a few other random chores ... [ Read More ]

Must Have Kids Apps

Must Have Apps for Kids

Does your child use your iPhone or iPad (or other mobile device)?  I think our iPad has begun to look like a child's toy more than it does an adult tool.  My husband is actually regretting setting it up with his account because everything we download on the iPad ends up clogging his iPad too. What are some of your favorite kids apps?  I have a few new apps that my kids are enjoying. Scholatic Reading Timer:  I don't need to encourage my oldest bookworm to read but this app is nice because it allows us to log our summer reading hours.  It lets you create accounts for each child, provides parents with useful tips, and gives kids some suggested books to read based on their age.  Cost: Free Storia:  Another fun app for kids by Scholastic.  This is a eReader app just for kids.  It includes 5 free ebooks.  While this app is free the additional books do cost a few dollars each and can add up if you have a kid who loves to read.  Cost: Free + cost of additional books. WATCH Disney, ... [ Read More ]