Can I Really Make a Difference?

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a very nice woman who works with the American Lung Association who was looking for influential bloggers to help her spread the word about the Clean Air Act and our children's health.  We had a nice conversation and I enjoyed listening to someone who was so passionate about her cause and her mission. When I started this blog I didn't have a clear mission other than to share my knowledge about the environment and going green with others.  As time progressed you can see that my primary mission these last few years has been cloth diapering and raising children in a safe and eco-friendly environment.  Like most of us in the cloth diapering community I am just as passionate about our diapering choices as Heather is about air quality.  She didn't understand how women/mothers/parents/etc couldn't be as passionate about our air quality as she was. I've struggled with this question for years but I've come to the conclusion that we all have our own personal ... [ Read More ]