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  This post is sponsored by prAna and Stonyfield Yogurt If there's one thing that I've learned over the last 40+ years, it's that all you need to be in life is YOU. As a child I always wanted to be just like the other girls, those popular girls. I wanted to have the perfect hair, the perfect clothes, and the perfect friends. What I didn't realize at the time was that I'm not who I wanted to be when I was little.... ...I'm better! I look back over the profile pictures on Facebook of those girls I wanted to be like, and I realize that I'm more than happy with who I've become and who I've always been. I don't want to be "just like them" any longer and I wouldn't want to be anyone else but me. Oh, how I wish I had learned that 30 years ago. This was me today after a full day at work, after homework was done, and after dinner was in our bellies. This is how I looked at 8am this morning when I left to take the kids to school and the only difference right now is that I've ... [ Read More ]

Type-A Parent Conference Atlanta 2014

As a blogger, one of the most exhilarating and inspiring things to do is attend a blogging conference.  Over the past 5 years I've been to several including a few BlogHers, Blissdom, Mom 2.0, and Type-A.  Each one is different but I always take away something special from these events. Why should you attend a blogging conference? If you are serious about treating your blog like a business, it's a good idea to attend a conference.  You'll learn some very valuable lessons about how to turn your blog into a business AND get paid for it.  Each conference has different areas of blogging that they focus on in their sessions. This year at Type-A there are some pretty exciting sessions.  I'm especially interested in 1) The Hybrid Life - Juggling Blogging and Marketing Careers, 2) Stop Being Scared of Video, 3) Freelance Writing, and 4) Instagram.  There are 3 days full of sessions, keynotes, panels, and receptions. Another reason to attend a blog conference is to connect with ... [ Read More ]

Best Summer Ever!

We started this summer with a plan, I even made an official Summer Bucket List with a few things each of us wanted to do this summer.  I was looking back over my Instagram account this afternoon with my youngest and I'm so excited about how much fun we had this summer.  I'm not writing this to brag or gloat over all the cool things we've done, but rather for me to look back over the best summer ever! It's really hard for me to believe that our 10 week summer is already coming to an end.  I've been a little emotional all day thinking about it.  This was the first summer that I didn't stick my kids in summer camp most of the summer while I worked.  I decided that, as much fun as they have at camp, I really wanted to be part of their summer too.  I have an amazing boss and a flexible job that allows me to sneak away from time-to-time to make memories with my family.  I've paid for that fun by staying up past midnight many nights completing projects, but it's been so worth ... [ Read More ]

Surviving Spring Break While Working From Home


As a mom who works from home, holidays and vacations can be challenging.  My husband and I snuck away a few weeks back for a 5 day cruise for our anniversary, so we couldn't afford taking any more time off of work for Spring Break this past week.  This left me with 2 kids home all day for 5 days (if you don't count the weekends) with me having to work. The wonderful thing about working from home is that I do have the flexibility to take work with me anywhere I go.  I also have the flexibility of adjusting the hours that I work.  While I do have a lot of flexibility, the fact remains that I still had work that needed to get done AND two kids who needed my attention.  Here are just a few ways we all survived Spring Break this year: SLEEP IN:  This was one of my favorite parts of Spring Break because each day started a little slower than usual, we slept in and didn't rush to get out the door in the morning.  There was less arguing than usual and less showering on the few days ... [ Read More ]

10 Things I Did This Summer


Have you missed me?  My last blog post was July 2nd!  I should feel ashamed that I didn't touch my blog for the entire month, but honestly I feel so refreshed.  I worked, took vacations, and had a lot of fun.  Here are the Cliff Notes for my summer: Disney World Orlando Staycation:  Did I mention that we have season passes to the parks?  We spent a few days in Orlando relaxing at our favorite resort, meeting Princesses, riding in race cars, and traveling to the moon!  Of course we never really left Orlando but it was a lot of fun.  To see a video of the new Jr. Ride-along <sponsored blogger event> at the Richard Petty Driving Experience in Orlando check out my YouTube channel.  Bryce got to take a few laps around a real race track in a real race car. Ichetucknee Springs Vacation:  We went on our annual trip to Ichetucknee Springs and tubed down the river over the 4th of July.  We stayed at our favorite Hideaway Cottages, ate smores, sat by the campfire, and this year we ... [ Read More ]

Black Friday Social Media Burnout


Yes, this is what it looks like halfway through Black Friday when you are a Social Media Manager! My day began at 12:01am and continued until about 2:00am when I finally logged off and attempted to go to sleep.  When the adrenaline kicks in it's difficult to shut down your brain and actually sleep. I woke up between 7-8am and checked back in with the crowds (online) to build up the morning excitement and Buzzz... Enjoyed a short trip to the stores with the family to hunt down our own Black Friday deals before they expired at noon.  Continued to check in online off-and-on during the day.  At some point I tried to lay down while my kids played with Lego's and this is what my son did with my phone.  The 'nap' didn't last that long since 2 kids can't be in the same room together for more than 10 minutes without arguing - even on a good day. I didn't spend all day online - but it certainly feels like it at times.  As I sit here at 11:14pm waiting for midnight once again I ... [ Read More ]

One Week Until #BlogHer11

The Eco Chic on Facebook

With all my preparations for flying away to California next week I haven't had much time to add new content here.  That doesn't mean that I haven't actively been working on my blog.  For those who don't blog I thought I would share a bit of the 'behind the screen' activities that make up my days (and nights). During the day I work as a Social Media & Marketing Director for a few cloth diapering companies.  I spend much of my day surfing Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and behind the scenes in our shopping cart looking at sales.  I come up with new sales, promotions, and giveaway opportunities.  I research new technologies and experiment with things like Google+ and QR Codes. I also spend all day reading and responding to emails on my 7 email accounts. Yes - I have 7 email accounts (plus 1 for my son) pushed to my iPhone.  I delete more than I respond to but ever so often I get something so exciting in my inbox that I absolutely just squeal in excitement at my computer screen.  Of ... [ Read More ]

30 Reasons to Love Cloth Diapers – Real Diapers Industry Association

Reason 19: Because it really it one big community working together for the cause!  Meet the Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA) - a trade association for manufacturers, retailers, diaper services, and info sources. This past week I had my first experience with the cloth diapering community from the inside.  As part of my new employment I journeyed to Texas to participate in the All Baby & Child (ABC) Spring Educational Conference and Trade Show.  While we were setting up our booth we were welcomed by a member of the RDIA and a fellow cloth diapering manufacturer.  I was looking forward to meeting some of the other brands I've heard so much about (and those that I've used personally) but I didn't know how strong the community really was.  Not only were we welcomed so warmly we were invited to get to know the rest of the RDIA. Now normally the ABC Show is held in September and is 10 times as large as their spring show but the spring show is more educational.  Retailers are ... [ Read More ]


That's probably the best word to describe my life right now - in TRANSITION! That's also why you haven't seen anything new come from my mouth/hands/keyboard this week either.  So what's new with me and why am I in transition? Let's start with the BIG news! I've quit my day job (which is/was a pretty big job for me to walk away from) and have been so blessed to be making a complete career change.  My current role is in environmental consulting for one of the many branches of the Federal government.  It's not top secret or anything but I've never felt comfortable making that public information - when I was hired I remember the owner of the company saying "Loose lips sink ships!" so I've always kept that private.  Anyways - I've been with them for almost 6 years and it's been a wonderful career and I will miss my work family dearly!  We are all spread out across the country so we don't see each other often - thankfully I just saw them a few weeks ago so I feel like I've said my ... [ Read More ]

Finding My Bliss at Blissdom11

Blissdom Box

Can anyone guess where I'm heading this week?  #Blissdom11!! Now most of my followers are probably staring at their computer screens going "huh?" or "Bliss-what?"  or maybe "Oh, isn't that like BlogHer?"  Yes, it's a blogging conference where bloggers meet up, share ideas, create new ideas, and form real life relationships.  I had the pleasure and joy of attending one of the largest conferences held each year last August (BlogHer) in NYC and I have to admit it's still overwhelming to think about all the things that happened that week.  Did I really have lunch with the Jenn THE inventor and creator of the bumGenius cloth diaper?  Did I really form an amazing bond with Kelly from Kelly's Closet?  Did I really meet and partner with great companies like ecoStore USA, Plum Organics, and so, so, so many more?  Did I really meet other eco-minded bloggers like Green and Clean Mom, Beth Terry, Melissa Moog, phD In Parenting, Consientious Confusion, Condo Blues, and so, so, so many more?  ... [ Read More ]