iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide by Alli Worthington

I'm a huge fan of iPhone photography, in fact I have over 40 photography related apps on my phone.  I always have my phone with me and some of my favorite photos were taken from it; including many that you see on this blog. Last week while I was getting ready to pack for our trip I stumbled upon an ebook, iPhone Photography, by Alli Worthington.  I didn't even realize Alli had written an ebook (I'm a bad blogger and don't keep up with what everyone is doing) but I knew it would be good.  If you don't know who Alli is, she is a blogger and the founder of the Blissdom blogging conferences.  She is beautiful, spirited, and incredibly talented.  I immediately purchased the ebook so I could have some reading for our trip. WOW!!  I wasn't prepared for 173 pages full of gorgeous iPhone images, tips, app recommendations, and personal photography advice.  I read the entire thing on our car ride up to the cabins.  I immediately installed several new apps (mostly free) that I'm learning to ... [ Read More ]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Salt Dough Recipe

Happy Valentine's Day from The Eco Chic & Family!   Thanks to an inspiring post a few days ago over at Green & Clean Mom I decided to do a little crafting with my kids this week and make some Valentine's Day gifts.  We love playing with clay and dough but we've never tried making our own salt dough. Our salt dough recipe (for a small batch): 1 cup flour 1/2 cup salt water (add a little at a time) Directions: Mix the flour and salt in a bowl and slowly add water until you have a dough that is the consistency of play dough.  It shouldn't be sticky to the touch so you may have to add a little more flour until you get the right consistency. I let my son make the dough and both of the kids created their Valentine's.  We used simple cookie cutters for most of the hearts.  I tried to make some thumbprint hearts but they didn't turn out so cute.  They had a lot of fun playing with the dough and my daughter even attempted to eat some of it.  (Don't worry it's safe to eat ... [ Read More ]

5 Things I’m Looking Forward to at Blissdom 2012

 In just a few short weeks I'll be boarding a plane and heading North to Nashville for my second Blissdom conference.  Last year I decided on a whim to go and it was the best decision I made all year.  I actually learned so many valuable lessons last year that I can hardly wait to see what I will learn this year.  I'm excited to see that they have revamped their schedule this year too.  For those who have never been to Blissdom or for those who may be going for the first time here are a few things I'm really looking forward to... 5 Things I'm Looking Forward to at Blissdom 2012 NEW! Handmade Marketplace - I need to remember to bring some cash and be ready to shop!  I can't wait to see what these creative moms have in store for me.  It will be like shopping on Etsy only in person - I think I may get in a little bit of trouble.  Perhaps I will find some inspiration for some craft projects of my own or perhaps I'll find some new site sponsors.  Only time will tell.  This will be ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Crafting Tutorial: How to Make a Wreath Using a Queen Sz. Sheet

Eco-Crafting Tutorial_1

Eco-Crafting Tutorial: How to Make a Wreath Using a Queen Size Sheet Supplies: One wire wreath form (or any wreath form), one queen size sheet, one pair of scissors Time: 1-2 hrs for a large wreath You can reuse or upcycle with any fabric. I found the perfect color sheet at the local thrift store to match the color of my little girls room for only $3.00. There weren't any stains on it but even if there were some minor staining you could still use it for this project. Solids or prints, both would work fine. If I had found a chocolate brown and ivory sheet that day I would probably have used all 3 and alternated the colors in the wreath. You can also use fabric scraps from old t-shirts or any fabric remnants that you have. Just be sure you have a LOT of scraps. I used the entire queen size sheet for a large wreath form. Total cost: Less than $5.00 Directions: -Cut the fabric into equal sized strips. Our strips were approximately 1-1.5" wide and 6-9" long. Be sure to cut ... [ Read More ]

Instagram #JANPhotoaday Challenge


Aside from Pinterest I have one other addiction...Instagram! If you follow me on Twitter you have probably already noticed that I like to share photos of my babies, my pug puppy, and lots of other random photos.  I noticed some of my Instagram (a photo app on my iPhone that is linked to my Twitter account) followers were posting #JANPhotoaday pics each day and couldn't help but join them.  Do you have an iPhone or other photo-enabled phone?  Join us - or at least follow along for some cute pics.  You can find me @TheEcoChic/Calley P. and Follow Me!  (I don't know how to link that from my laptop...just search for me and you'll find me!)  I started the photo challenge a bit late but I've been on Instagram for a while now.  Enjoy! About the January Photo-a-Day Challenge:  http://www.fatmumslim.com.au/2012/01/january-photo-day-challenge.html     ... [ Read More ]