#JustBeYou with prAna & Oh My Yog {Coupon Code & Giveaway}

#JustBeYou Giveaway

  This post is sponsored by prAna and Stonyfield Yogurt If there's one thing that I've learned over the last 40+ years, it's that all you need to be in life is YOU. As a child I always wanted to be just like the other girls, those popular girls. I wanted to have the perfect hair, the perfect clothes, and the perfect friends. What I didn't realize at the time was that I'm not who I wanted to be when I was little.... ...I'm better! I look back over the profile pictures on Facebook of those girls I wanted to be like, and I realize that I'm more than happy with who I've become and who I've always been. I don't want to be "just like them" any longer and I wouldn't want to be anyone else but me. Oh, how I wish I had learned that 30 years ago. This was me today after a full day at work, after homework was done, and after dinner was in our bellies. This is how I looked at 8am this morning when I left to take the kids to school and the only difference right now is that I've ... [ Read More ]

News & Updates from Around the Cloth Diapering Community – 2/11/12

Cloth Diapering News & Coupons

Would you like to know the very latest happenings around the cloth diapering community?  I thought so! You all loved this feature so much that I thought I would continue again this week.  It's been a quiet week in the cloth diapering community but here are a few things to entertain you. My Favorite Posts of the Week: Do you love Pinterest?  Find out which cloth diapering and green companies are joining the Pinterest revolution. Would you like to win a ones&twos cloth diaper?  You can enter one on my giveaway sponsored by Kissed by the Moon. Wondering what else you can do with baking soda?  Here are 5 Ways to Use Baking Soda for Babies. and finally my work in progress - Learn to Speak Cloth Diaper Slang, a cloth diaper dictionary. My Posts from Around the Web: I posted a review of the ones&twos all-in-one cloth diaper on the DiaperShops.com blog. New Products: Coming soon from Swaddlebees & Blueberry is the Capri cloth diaper cover and ... [ Read More ]

News & Updates from Around the Cloth Diapering Community

Would you like to know the very latest happenings around the cloth diapering community?  I thought so! For starters, let me say that while I may not get my blog updated as much as I like I am still very active in the community.  You can find me most days on Facebook where I moderate several cloth diapering community pages including my own.  I can also be found blogging for other companies and appear as a guest of a few blogs as well.  I'll try to do better with cross posting here so you don't miss a single article from me. News from this week: Wednesday night Kim Rosas from Dirty Diaper Laundry hosted an amazing Twitter Party for the Giving Diapers, Giving Hope organization.  The community raised over $1,500 so far in their fundraising efforts to become an official non-profit and to continue supporting families in 2012.  You can read more about the campaign on Dirty Diaper Laundry and enter to win some amazing prizes through Feb. 14th on her Facebook fan page.  To review the ... [ Read More ]

Kelly’s Closet Sale & a Hiney Lineys Versa

Free Shipping at DiaperShops.com

One of my favorite cloth diaper stores is having a Free Shipping Weekend starting today - Sunday!  Free shipping on all orders when you use coupon code NEWYR12 at checkout. They are also ringing in the New Year with a special Noon-Years Eve Q&A Session with Sheila from Hiney Lineys cloth diapers.  Come back shortly for a quick review and giveaway about the Hiney Lineys Versa system.  It's a unique and "Versa"-tile system that I think you may enjoy!!  For more information visit: DiaperShops.com Blog Disclosure: I work with DiaperShops.com on their social media and have received one free Hiney Lineys to review for all of you.  Just sharing the info since you love cloth diapers and deals!   ... [ Read More ]

Are you influential offline?

Kids playing

We met our neighbors tonight (the lame part is that it took us 1.5 years to meet them) who have three young children.  There aren't many families with young children and we're always on the go so we don't get many opportunities to meet new families.  With the cooler evenings we find ourselves out front more often and they decided to walk down and introduce themselves. I knew they had 2 little ones and one of them was close to Lil' B in age.  Turns out they are about 3 months apart so this could be her first 'real' friend outside of school.  I don't belong to any playgroups or anything with her because life is always so busy.  Most of my friends have older kids so she really doesn't get a chance outside of school to play with other toddlers. What I didn't realize is that in the length of time they've lived 2 doors down they have had a third child who is now 5 months old.  When they came walking down the road I couldn't help but notice the disposable diaper on her babies bum. ... [ Read More ]

Featured Product – madii & dyl Teenii Tot Latex Pillow

Maddi&Dyl 8284

madii & dyl is a company from Australia that specializes in eco-friendly and hypoallergenic pillows for babies, toddlers, and children.  If you have a sensitive child or a child with breathing problems such as asthma you know how difficult it is to find bedding that doesn't harbor dust mites. From the madii & dyl website: Made from 100% certified organic latex our pillows contain no chemicals, are hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew and bacteria. Designed for comfort, its softness, support and innovative design makes it the superior choice in children's bedding. All pillows come with polyester pillow protector and pure cotton pillow case. When I read the statement I was curious - what is "certified organic latex?" Is that a good thing?  It sounds like it would be good because it's organic, right? Actually, I've learned that natural latex foam is made from the milk of a rubber tree.  If it were synthetic latex it would be made with crude oil. ... [ Read More ]

What are Swagbucks & How Can You Earn Them?

One of the parties I was invited to at BlogHer '11 was hosted by Swagbucks. I joined Swagbucks about a month ago but I have to admit I just didn't get it. Then while doing some research for a work project I realized that Swagbucks is one of the biggest referring sites for one of the businesses I'm working for. I decided to go to the party because I honestly wanted to learn more about this website and the possibilities it had both personally and professionally. After I arrived at the party and found my way to the food I sat down and did some people watching.  There were several Swagbucks reps walking around chatting with people talking about a secret code and unscrambling letters.  Again, I felt just as lost as I was when I first visited Swagbucks online.  Another blogger was walking around answering Swagbucks questions and talking about the program so I decided to ask her to explain it to me.  This was the first time I had ever met (or heard of) Southern Savers and Ms. Jenny ... [ Read More ]

Life is a Picnic at Diapers.com

Life is a Picnic

In honor of Earth Day 2011 some of my favorite companies have joined forces with Diapers.com to bring you a great priced bundle for your little one.  This limited edition "Life is a Picnic" bundle is specially priced at 25% off and all profits will go to the non-profit organization, Healthy Child, Healthy World. From April 11th-April 15th the sponsoring companies are offering a giveaway on Facebook.  Simply 'Like' all of the companies and answer their special question on Facebook - one random winner on each page will win their own 'Life is a Picnic' pack. To play along 'Like' these fabulous companies: www.facebook.com/cleanwell www.facebook.com/greentoys www.facebook.com/luna http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fabkins/26781239761 www.facebook.com/plumorganics Disclosure: I was provided a 'Life is a Picnic' bundle from the companies for myself and my kids. I've shared this special with you because I support the mission of these companies.  No other compensation was received. ... [ Read More ]

Earn Double Diaper Dollars at Kelly’s Closet – Limited Time!

Double Diaper Dollars

For a limited time you can earn DOUBLE DIAPER reward points for shopping at Kelly's Closet! That means for every dollar that you spend you earn 2 points.  Save up your points and redeem them for gift certificates to spend at Kelly's Closet. 225 points = $10 gift certificate 500 points = $30 gift certificate 750 points = $50 gift certificate 1000 points = $75 gift certificate If you are considering cloth diapers or looking to stock up on any cloth diapering accessories now is the time to shop. Want to know more about cloth diapering? Be sure to visit my cloth diapering archive page, follow me on Facebook, and join the conversation on Twitter.  Welcome to the community – the cloth diapering community! Disclosure: Affiliate links are used in this post which means that I earn a small percentage if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting this blog. ... [ Read More ]

Change 3 Things (C3T)


A week ago I joined a Revolution - A Cloth Diaper Revolution!  Have you joined yet? I know that not all of my readers use cloth diapers.  Many of you visit here because you are researching cloth diapers.  Some of you just delete my cloth diaper posts and read some of my other natural parenting posts.  Some of you may be friends or family who think my cloth diaper obsession is a little crazy.  I know that not everyone I come in contact with will decide to use cloth diapers and I accept that.  I try not to force my obsession on others but I will continue to try to show you how easy it can be. Example - this weekend we headed back to the Little League field for opening day.  One of my friends from the park has a one year old and I had introduced her to cloth diapers when she was born.  Like most new parents I talk to about cloth diapers with she politely explained that she didn't think cloth was for her.  One year later (this past weekend) when she went to change her babies disposable ... [ Read More ]