Guest Post: Cloth diapering is an Adventure

Guest Post by Alicia whom I found through a comment on Facebook.  Thanks Alicia for your words and for sticking with cloth diapering even when it wasn't the most convenient of options.  XOXO - Calley Most users refer to cloth diapering as an “adventure”. It certainly is a process of learning, adapting and educating. You must explore your values and why you chose to ditch disposables. As your baby grows and his patterns change you must adapt the way you diaper, just as parenting styles develop with your baby. Cloth-toting moms love talking about diapers!  Educating others about the benefits and ease of use is the best way to convert other families to this earth and baby-friendly way of life. My husband and I live in an apartment with our two-year old son, Joey. We use the laundry mat in town to clean diapers.  Using a diaper sprayer, we rinse them REALLY well so we can wash only once a week. It is recommended to wash every three days, but at $2.00 a load we wait until all the ... [ Read More ]

Why Does Organic Cost More?

Ever wondered why organic produce costs more than its chemical-laden counterparts? If growing organic means less pesticides, less growth-enhancing fertilizers, and less technological interventions, then why do we pay more at the check-out line? The reasons for this sad fact come by the bushel.   First off, because the farmers do not use synthetic insecticides, organic crops produce a lower yield. Labor costs rise as farmers must manually tend to their crops by weeding and using organic pest control. Without these chemicals, the crops also experience a shorter (albeit more natural) growing season. Without the use of chemical fertilizers, organic farmers use more traditional farming methods such as animal manure and compost to fertilize their crops. These natural methods are unfortunately bulkier and cost more to transport. Organic farmers also typically rotate their crops to promote soil health and sustainability. While this is advantageous to the health of the consumer ... [ Read More ]

Guest Post – Cosleeping

When I was pregnant with my son, I never thought we would end up cosleeping. I remember reading about it and thinking, ‘No way are we having a baby in our bed! I need my space!” Plus it didn’t seem safe. ‘What if I squished him?!’ Then Dax was actually born. Our healthy and beautiful son found his way into our arms in the wee hours of a quiet fall morning. While that first day we held him and oohed and aahed over him while he napped, that first night we looked forward to some much-needed shut-eye. We eased our sleeping little angel into his cozy bassinet, and tiptoed to her beds. Within one minute, Dax awoke and started wailing. His doting father picked him up, soothed him back to sleep, and placed him gently back to his bassinet. This time, Dax barely hit the sheets and started wailing. Repeat, repeat, and repeat. It was abundantly clear: Our brand new baby would not be sleeping alone. However, tacked everywhere in the hospital room were looming posters of parents sleeping in ... [ Read More ]

30 Reasons to Love Cloth Diapers – Guest Post

Day 18: Five things I would do differently the second time around. For today's post I'm actually going to send you to a friends blog.  I met Jenny of the Conscientious Confusion blog at BlogHer last year and she remains one of my special friends.  Jenny just had her second baby and asked if I would do a guest post for her while she took a brief maternity break.  While she's enjoying her newest cloth diaper baby - a sweet little girl - my gift for her is my lessons learned. Here's a teaser of my 5 Things I Would Do Differently the Second Time Around... 1.  Our initial investment in cloth diapers would include more of a variety in brand and styles. We purchased a bulk of one type and style of cloth diapers with the intention that we would use them and sell them and have no need to buy any more along the way.  While this CAN be done and many people can only afford the one time investment I wish we had tried more brands and styles at the beginning.  I would have bought a trial ... [ Read More ]

Oldie But Goodie – Upcycled Magazine Christmas Tree Craft


Please enjoy my Oldies But Goodies while I take a break from the computer and enjoy my family and other things that I’m THANKFUL for this year.  New content will return next week! I know you want to learn how to make this cute upcycled Christmas Tree from magazines and mail catalogs…. …but you’ll have to visit The Mommy Blog for complete directions.  I’m a featured guest blogger over there…thanks to the kind invitation from Cinella.  Please visit and leave comments both here and there about your ideas on turning trash into useful Holiday decorations.  ORIGINALLY POSTED DECEMBER 2009. ... [ Read More ]

Hide and Seek with The Eco Chic

I'm all sorts of geeky today - I decided to start posting information on a few other community blogs to gain some additional exposure and hopefully reach some mom's that don't regularly visit us over here at The Eco Chic.  Today I found myself on where I wrote more about My Extended Breastfeeding Journey.  Go visit me on BlogHer and leave a comment if you want to share your story with me.  Then last Friday I got an email from the producers of Mom Talk Radio asking if I was available to fill in for a cancellation they had with Maria Bailey during the weekly Mom's Roundtable discussion.  I was intrigued so I said YES!  After rushing Lil' B off to the pediatricians office early that morning (turned out she got stung and never told me - swelled up all nasty like!) I returned and talked with Maria and MaryBeth Whalen about Halloween.  I know it's not a very eco-conversation but I did talk about composting Halloween candy at the very end of our segment.  The entire podcast ... [ Read More ]

Guest Post – From Formula to Breastfeeding Pro!!


After I posted The Other Side post a few weeks ago about breastfeeding I was approached by a fellow mom on Twitter and asked if I would share her story.  Meet Nerissa: I am a 32 year old mother of 4 beautiful children.  I started having babies quite young - I was 20 when my first son was born.  He was born via 'emergency' c-section, which I now believe to be a 'let's get her out of here' c-section.  I was in labour for over 24 hours, opted for the epidural and was exhausted.  I had absolutely no energy to push out a fart let alone an 8 lb. baby.  He was healthy and perfectly fine.  I chose to breastfeed, but had no support.  A first time mother needs support with breastfeeding.  My mother (who we lived with at the time) was completely against breastfeeding.  I was a first generation Canadian, and to her, breastfeeding would have me "stuck to the baby at all times" and I "wouldn't be able to do anything" (her unforgettable words).  The baby came down with a case of slight jaundice ... [ Read More ]