10 Simple Ways to Go Green This Earth Day (and Every Day)

10 Simple Ways to Go Green for Earth Day

This post is sponsored by Flipp App. Earth Day is April 22nd and it's a good time for us all to refocus and find new ways to be more eco-friendly.  We all live different lifestyles and have different resources available to us.  Regardless of where you are in your journey to live a greener lifestyle, remember that every little step we take adds up in big ways.  Here are just a few simple ways that you may be able to go green this Earth Day... 1. Teach Our Children to Love the Earth - the biggest gift we can give to our children is the ability to love and respect the natural environment. Let your children help you recycle.  Give them a small section of the garden to care for.  Teach our children that the future of this planet depends on how well we care for it. 2. Buy Less - What items have you purchased recently that you could have lived without?  That new purse?  That new Lilly Pulitzer outfit from Target?  That extra cloth diaper in the newest print?  Think before you ... [ Read More ]

Ditch the Baggies – 10 Uses for Zippered Snack Bags (Reusable of course)


This post is sponsored by Maxwell Designs.  Keep reading to find out how to enter to win your own reusable zippered snack bag like the one shown here!  Have you ditched disposable snack and sandwich bags from your life yet? What are you waiting for?  Disposables are such a waste of money, single use plastic, and destined for the landfill (if they made it that far).  Many disposable snack bags don't even make it to the landfill and end up littering the streets and eventually finding their way to our waterways and endangering wildlife.  There is a simple alternative - reusable zippered snack bags!!   With kids going back-to-school this month, it's a great time to add a few snack bags to your lunchbox arsenal and a simple step in "going green!"  These bags are latex-free, BPA-free, and do not contain DEHP, formaldehyde, brominated flame retardants, or lead.  I bet you didn't even think about what was in those disposable bags, did you??   These bags are fabric on the outside and ... [ Read More ]

EcoCentric Mom “Mom & Baby” Box Review May/June

ecocentric mom box review

  Do you subscribe to any monthly (or bimonthly) subscription boxes?  As part of their blog ambassadors, ecocentric mom sends me a box every-other-month so that I can tempt you all into subscribing.  I don't think there has ever been a box I wasn't happy with.  This month I received the "Mom & Baby" box again and I am pleased with the goodies hidden inside.For only $24 you will get a very similar box if you subscribe today!  If you're going on vacation this summer with your baby, this box if full of goodies to keep them entertained. AllieLou Baby Organic Teething Ring:  Made from natural maple wood with no chemicals added and hand polished to seal and prevent splintering.  The fabric ears are 100% GOTS certified organic flannel.  ($8.50 per ring)  Plus a coupon code for 10% off your next order from AllieLou. ~Just for Mom~ Licious Organics Raw Honey Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie:  Um, I just opened this cookie while writing this post and I am ready for another.  It's ... [ Read More ]

MightyNest Earth Day Challenge & Giveaway

#mightypledge @TheEcoChic

Will you take the MightyNest Earth Day Challenge with me? Putting toxic chemicals under your arms stinks!  That's why MightyNext, an internet retailer of extraordinarily high quality and safe products for your home and family, asked me to put non-toxic Pit Paste to the test.  Find out why you should use a natural deodorant, then take the pledge below.  Your pits will thank you, and you could win a Happy Pit Pack from MightyNest! Yesterday in my, Got Stinky Pits, article I explained that I haven't used a 'traditional' deodorant in over a year.  I choose to use the all-natural deodorants because they are non-toxic and do not contain aluminum, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and other hidden toxins.  I challenge you to switch your deodorants for just one week to see what you think. For the past week, I've been personally using the Primal Pit paste deodorant that MightyNest sent me to review.  I have the 2 oz stick in Thyme & Lemongrass scent along with some other ... [ Read More ]

April is Love Bulk Foods Month

Love Bulk Foods

  April is known as Earth Month in my circles and there is a lot of fun stuff coming next month but I have to tell you about the Bulk is Green Council (BIG) and Love Bulk Foods.  About a month ago I received an amazing package from BIG and their sponsors full of all natural flax granola, organic trail mix and a few other surprises. Why should you buy in bulk? Buying in bulk saves thousands of pounds of waste from our landfills.  For example, if Americans purchased all their coffee from the bulk bins for 1 week during Earth Month, 5,000,000 lbs of foil packaging would be saved from the landfill. Organic bulk food costs 89% less than packaged counterparts.  Most of this cost savings comes from the company saving from having to package the products for you. Buying bulk saves shelf space and allows more variety.  I had never thought about this one before but those bulk bins can store a LOT more product than a shelf full of boxes.  Plus they look really cool! Buying ... [ Read More ]

Giveaway: Peepods Reusable Menstrual Pads

peepods menstrual pads

In honor of my monthly menstrual cycle I'm giving away a sample package of reusable menstrual pads from Peepods!  Peepods is a fairly new brand of pads that are not only functional but beautiful as well.   The Peepods line is not just for your menstrual cycle though.  There are incontinence pads, postpartum pads, period pads, nursing pads and panty liners.  Each one with made with soft flannel next to your skin, organic hemp fleece absorbent layers and a barrier of PUL fabric to keep wetness contained.  Each pad is sewn to a cotton wing that will snap around your panties so they won't slip. Why should you use cloth menstrual pads?  They are environmentally friendly, chemical and toxic-free, and super soft and comfortable.  If you want to learn more about reusable menstrual pads check out my post, A Greener Period. Why Peepods?  In addition to being really beautiful you may also like that Peepods donates pads to the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia to help make a ... [ Read More ]

My Date With a 2013 Chevy Malibu Eco

2013 Chevy Malibu Eco

A few weeks ago we had the privileged of borrowing a brand new 2013 Chevy Malibu Eco for a week.  If you follow The Eco Chic on Instagram you got a sneak peek inside the Malibu and the adventures we went on.  The Malibu got to tag along as I drove the kids to school, karate, the library, the grocery store and all the other fun places we visit each week.  I've personally never had a brand spanking new car of my own (all of mine have been about 1-2 yrs old upon purchase) so being spoiled with a fully loaded brand new (only 400 miles when I got it) car was a real treat.  Anyone else like that "new car" smell? I'm currently driving a 2005 Honda Accord so I was completely impressed with all the technological advances in the Malibu.  Keyless entry wasn't anything new but the push-to-start was a nice surprise.  As a parent I think my favorite feature is the rear vision camera so that I could see everything that my mirrors might miss - like small toys, bikes, or children.  It was ... [ Read More ]

A Greener Period – Menstrual Cups, Mama Cloth, and More

SoftCup VS Lunette Cup @TheEcoChic

  I've covered several different options for greening your period in this post.  It's very long but you can skim to the section you'd like to learn more about. To skip ahead: Intro, Cloth Pads, Menstrual Cups, SoftCup, and Sea Sponges. Have you ever considered how eco-friendly (or not) your menstrual cycle is? If you are like me, I imagine you started using either tampons or disposable pads at a young age and haven't given it much thought since.  Each month you rush to the store to restock and at the end of your cycle, all of that waste is buried in your local landfill for eternity. Eternity?  Yes, just like disposable diapers or anything else that goes inside of a plastic bag and buried under layers of dirty and garbage - tampons and pads will sit in your landfill for an eternity.  But you flush your tampons?  They don't end up in the landfill do they?  Actually, many do!  Once you flush that dirty little piece of cotton it gets filtered at the local water treatment ... [ Read More ]

Go Green, Get Fit Challenge – My Goals

Go Green Get Fit Challenge #gogreengetfit

2012 has been a year about me pushing myself  in areas that I've never been comfortable in before.  In January I visited my doctor for a regular check-up and to get some refills updated when I found out my cholesterol was off-the-charts!  I was in a state of shock because I'm not a very large person, I'm not over weight, and I don't eat too bad.  I know I'm not the healthiest of eaters but I don't indulge in the bad stuff very often.  I was immediately put on medication for the cholesterol adding to my list of daily medications I already take (I have Grave's disease - a thyroid condition, a minor heart condition, asthma, and now this). My family history is not all that exciting either.  My dad has had open heart surgery and a few other heart procedures.  The rest of his family has also struggled with heart conditions.  My mom has Parkinson's Disease (like Michael J Fox) and suffers from a bad case of the shakes most days.  I've gotten so accustomed to health problems that it doesn't ... [ Read More ]