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  This post is sponsored by prAna and Stonyfield Yogurt If there's one thing that I've learned over the last 40+ years, it's that all you need to be in life is YOU. As a child I always wanted to be just like the other girls, those popular girls. I wanted to have the perfect hair, the perfect clothes, and the perfect friends. What I didn't realize at the time was that I'm not who I wanted to be when I was little.... ...I'm better! I look back over the profile pictures on Facebook of those girls I wanted to be like, and I realize that I'm more than happy with who I've become and who I've always been. I don't want to be "just like them" any longer and I wouldn't want to be anyone else but me. Oh, how I wish I had learned that 30 years ago. This was me today after a full day at work, after homework was done, and after dinner was in our bellies. This is how I looked at 8am this morning when I left to take the kids to school and the only difference right now is that I've ... [ Read More ]

What My Misfit Shine Has Taught Me

Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker

Activity and fitness trackers are all the rage these days.  Almost weekly I see friends in my Facebook feed asking for advice on which one to get.  I've had my Misfit since May after I met some of their marketing team at Mom 2.0 blogging conference in Atlanta and have been wearing it everyday since then.  I'm not a fitness fanatic and honestly I don't really make working out a priority most days (I know I should...I know!!). My Misfit Shine has actually taught me a lot about myself, my daily activity, and even a little about my sleep patterns.  Thankfully, I've learned I'm not always a lazy bum! 1. I'm not lazy!  OK, well not every day at least.  Being a mom, working full-time, taking care of the house (hahahaha, yeah right), running kids to school and extraciricular activities, and shopping actually keep me more active than I ever imagined.  My least active days are usually Monday and Tuesday when I'm strapped to my computer for hours trying to catch up from the weekend off ... [ Read More ]

Reasons Why I Love Flats

Earth Footwear Butterfly Flats

Do you love flats?  Not the cloth diaper kind, but the shoes!  Ballet flats!   As a working mom with two very active kids, flats are my go-to shoe of choice (well besides my flip flops of course).  Let me count for you all the reasons I love flats.... They are comfortable!  Seriously, I feel like I run a marathon some days between taking the kids to school, karate, gymnastics, baseball, etc.  My favorite pair of Earth Footwear Butterfly ballet flats from their new Spring/Summer 2014 Collection has contoured arch support and comfort footbed cushions from heel to toe! They are fashionable!  While I'm not a yoga pant mom (at least out of the house), I do have my favorite jeans and tank outfit that can always use a little accessorizing.  A cute pair of flats makes me look and feel like I "tried" to be fashionable.   My Butterfly ballet flats are available in 4 fun colors; Grass, Red Plum, Pacific Blue, and Camel. They hide your unpainted toe nails!  Uh oh, you forgot to get ... [ Read More ]

Moroccan Organics with Argan Oil

Moroccan Organics Argan Oil

I love finding organic hair care products that are professional quality products.  Unlike many of my eco-friendly pals, my hair care routine isn't always "natural."  I've explained before when I attempted to go "no-poo" (not using shampoo) that I color treat my hair with highlights and color to cover us some grey.  I was golden blonde in my younger days and as I got older it slowly turned brown.  I still won't admit that I'm brown now and insist on adding the blonde highlights.  I truly love my color and have a fabulous hairdresser so I don't see my routine changing much. However, I will always be on the lookout for more natural hair care products.  I'm super picky about the products I use.  Shampoos have to lather!  Conditioners have to make my hair tangle-free, soft, and shiny.  I hate products that make my hair feel sticky and stiff, which is why you'll rarely see my hair with any form of curls in it.  My hairdresser has finally found me a shampoo that I have been using that ... [ Read More ]

Green Gift Guide: For the Tropics

Green Gifts for the Tropics

  Do you have someone on your holiday list that lives in a warm climate?  Did you know that you can give them eco-friendly gifts that they can enjoy in the warm weather? My top green tropical gifts include: del sol hat by The Andean Collection is made from natural materials and handwoven in Ecuador.  A must-have item for anyone in the tropics. Eco Swim by Aqua Green is an eco-friendly swimwear line that is made in the US using locally sourced and recycled fibers.  Fashion forward and eco-friendly swimwear is the perfect gift for anyone beach bum.  Even their packaging is made of recycled content. SUN! Natural Sunscreen by Balm! Baby is not just for babies.  This organic, natural and vegan sunscreen is made in Hawaii.  Packaged in an attractive (and eco-friendly) glass jar to reduce your environmental impact.  SPF 30 and safe for babies and adults. Bundle all of these pieces together for one extreme tropical gift set for your green beach bum.  What other items ... [ Read More ]

Allegory Pen and the Precision Collection Kickstarter Project

Allegory Pens

  Take a minute and watch this video... If you can't see the embedded video you can watch it online here: http://kck.st/Vv9huOI was introduced to Chad and Jessica of Allegory Pens a few weeks ago and they were eager to share their story with me.  After a brief phone conversation I was completely in love with their passion and their project.  If you haven't watched the video above yet please take a moment to do so - I promise you will be in love with what you see. Allegory Pens takes something as simple as a pen and creates a truly unique handcrafted piece of art.  They use reclaimed, ancient, and historical wood and shape it into the casing of their writing instruments.  They have a small workshop in Chicago where all the pens are crafted and each pen is guaranteed to be one of a kind.  The trees that Allegory uses are not virgin trees and aren't cut down to make the pens.  For example, the ancient Kauri wood is from Northern New Zealand and can be found underground ... [ Read More ]

Fall in Love with the Fall/Winter Earth Collection

Earth Footwear Fall Collection 1

It's Fall and I'm gearing up to go to the ABC Kids Expo (a large baby and kids trade show) next week so it's time for me to shop for a few new key Fall pieces to freshen up my wardrobe from last Fall. I don't normally shop very much during the year and I typically only add one or two pieces each season. My favorite colors for this Fall are teal and salmon (or even burnt orange).  I have always been a teal fan because it's one of the few colors that are TOTALLY me!!! Living in Florida it's hard to get excited over Fall fashion when it's still 90° F outside but the cool (relatively speaking) evenings make me want to slip on a nice new pair of boots!  Sadly tall boots in Florida are usually reserved for much later in the season and only get worn a few times.  This year I decided to try a pair of ankle boots instead. (KEEP READING FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A PAIR OF EARTH FOOTWEAR SHOES) I have a feeling the new Zinnia ankle boots from the Fall/Winter 2012 Earth® Collection are ... [ Read More ]

Maxwell Designs Sponsor Spotlight & Giveaway

Maxwell Designs Hobo Bag

Do you like bags?  Purses, totes, diaper bags, diaper wallets, cosmetic bags, messengers?  Then you need to meet Maggie with Maxwell Designs. Maggie has been in business (Maxwell Designs) since 2006 and continues making quality, handcrafted bags and accessories in designer fabrics.  Maxwell Designs is located in British Columbia, Canada and ships within Canada, the US, and around the globe.  Many of the bags that Maggie makes are eco-friendly, made with sustainable hemp fabric and none of the bags contain toxic vinyl. I have the pleasure of owning a cosmetic case in Amy Butler Aqua and took it with us on our recent trip to Turks & Caicos.  I decided to use the cosmetic case as a small purse and took it everywhere! Product details: Measures 6" long, 2" wide, and 3" high Zipper top Detachable wristlet strap Wipe clean waterproof interior (food safe) Gorgeous fabric It is just large enough to hold everything I need for a quick outing, dinner, shopping, etc. ... [ Read More ]

What I Packed for a Trip to Paradise

An Awesome Husband

I've been teasing you for about a week now and it's time to reveal our vacation.  If you've followed me on Twitter and Instagram you may have figured it out by now.  My hubby and I escaped for 4 days to Turks & Caicos! I know it still sounds amazing!  I can't believe it's already over and we're back home enduring the flooding rains of Tropical Storm Debby (you can see how we're faring the storm on Instagram - lots of flooding). Before I left I asked what you would pack for 4 days on an Island with no kids!  I had some great suggestions including: anything white, nothing, and alcohol!  In the end here are some of the items I packed for the trip. White clothes!  You know, those one's you don't wear around the kids because they will end up with grubby little hand prints in 5 minutes!  I packed my favorite white shorts (worn twice) and a pair of white capris (which didn't get worn). String bikini!  Yes, the one with ties!  My kids would have me naked on the beach in 2 ... [ Read More ]

What would you pack for 4 days on an island with no kids?

Help me pack for my upcoming trip!  I'm an over-packer and always take too many things. Tell me what you would pack and what you would leave at home.  Tweet me, leave me a comment, or post on Facebook.  Have fun and be creative.  Just don't hate me for leaving! What would you pack for 4 days on an island with no kids? — Calley (@TheEcoChic) June 19, 2012   I'll be sharing some pictures of my favorite items that I can't leave home without tomorrow. ... [ Read More ]