Lorax Upcycled Crafts

Lorax Bookmark Craft

I'm planning a Lorax party for my kids later this week to celebrate the release of The Lorax Movie (giveaway link) on March 2nd.  My kids are (almost) 9 and 3 and they love it when I spend time with them crafting.  Here are some of the projects (crafts and recipes) we're going to be working on this week (thanks Pinterest for the inspiration).   Lorax paper flower using an upcycled book.  This would be a good use for a book that may be missing pages or damaged.  via Etsy. Lorax upcycled bookmarks.  Again using old books.  via Etsy Lorax book purse.  Another upcycled book project.  via Etsy Grickle Grass Salad.  via Pinterest Recycled Puppet Theater.  It only takes a cereal box and some craft paper.  via Katydid and Kid Marshmallow Truffula Trees.  Yummy!  via Pinterest Lorax Cake Pops.  Perhaps I should bake too?  via Bakerella Lorax Tattoo??  Ok, so it's not really one for the kids but mama might like something like this but then my friends may think I've gone ... [ Read More ]

A Lil’ Etsy Love!


Have you shopped at Etsy yet?  Do you have an Etsy shop of your own?  Are you an Etsy Addict? Can I say yes to all of the above?  I've only shopped a few times on Etsy but I do a LOT of window shopping.  My daughter turned 2 in January and I didn't want to go to the store to buy her cheap plastic crap that may or may not be filled with toxins.  Instead I went to Etsy and made my first purchase (actually I made 2 purchases). A few weeks later I was approached by a sweet momma who wanted to send me one of her adorable products to be featured here. I've actually had a few items up for sale on Etsy but with all my other projects I just don't have the time to be very productive and creative.  Therefore I don't have anything up right now.  Who knows what the future will hold for that. Featured Etsy Shop of the week:  The Flavored Vase Stephanie and Susanne only have a few items up for sale but they are adorable.  Lil' B got her first play kitchen for Christmas so she needed her ... [ Read More ]

Wordless Wednesday

Bailey_Birthday_TWO_010411 (28)

Have you ever known me to go 'wordless' with my pictures? NO!  Lil' B loved her baby doll diaper that I got her from Etsy (more on that later) and the one that I made her.  She kept saying "baby poo poo" and changing her baby.  It was precious.  It was a great ending to our day.  Day care update:  The first day went well but I had forgotten about one 'joy' that comes along with day care...the meltdown period when she gets home!  My son would do this too but when they get home they want to be held the entire time and are on the verge of total, complete, meltdown city!  It was a long night filled with birthday cupcakes, presents, and lots of tears.  I was so tired from yesterday that I was asleep in bed at 9:30pm - no blogging, very little tweeting, and no time for a glass of wine!  Maybe it was mommy who had the meltdown! LOL!  I wanted to thank all of my friends who provided me with tweets and FB comments of support yesterday.  I really needed it.  And to my real life ... [ Read More ]

Eco-Holiday Quick Picks 2010


  Do you have an eco-junkie to buy for this year?   Know someone who doesn't like stuff?   Looking for something non-toxic to get a special child?   Here are my top eco-holiday quick picks - with something special for everyone on your list.   1. Itsabelly Guide to Going Green With Baby - By Melissa Moog & Jennifer Lo Prete   2.  aden + anais Organic Muslin Swaddlers - Lil's blankie of choice is now available in even more varieties and colors.  3.  Global Green Pals - These eco-friendly dolls will become your child's new best friend.   4.  Piggy Paint - Project Earth - Safe nail polish for that tween in your life - now is Glow in the Dark too!  Use coupon code ECO10L to save 10% on anything at Piggy Paint through December 31, 2010. 5.  One Life Jewelry - A personal favorite homemade from a friend down the street from me whom I don't talk to enough. XOXO!  6.  Recycled Koby Jewelry - Made special for TerraCycle from 100% recycled silver by Canadian jeweler, Arthur ... [ Read More ]

Trash to Treasure Thursday with Generation T


Giveaway alert! Two lucky readers will win one of the Generation T books by Megan Nicolay - details at the end of this post.  ECO-ngratulations Alanna & Shirtee. As you know I've been better and better at actually completing eco-crafty projects each week for you. This week is the jackpot of all Trash to Treasure Thursdays with a collection of projects and a giveaway! I've been infatuated with finding ways to reuse or upcycle old t-shirts - I scour the blogosphere, YouTube, Etsy, and other crafty websites looking for innovative ways to use t-shirts. In one of my searches I came across Generation T and Megan Nicolay. Who is Megan Nicolay? Much like myself Megan has had the crafty bug since she was a child - always looking for the next great project. We also share a common statement - "I could so do that!" My friends and family are always telling me - "You could do that!" when they see anything. Megan began her website www.Generation-T.com back in 2005 and by 2006 she published ... [ Read More ]

The Eco Chic has an Etsy Shop!


I'm a little excited - last night I finally did it - I opened my very own Etsy shop!  Right now there is one lonely little dress waiting for the perfect home - but more items will be added soon.  I have 6 more dresses on the sewing machine right now waiting for me to get sewing! You may have seen the dress before - my little one has been spotted in this open backed, reversable, a-line dress before on here.  The peak-a-boo back is perfect for showing off that cute cloth diaper!  The patterns vary and I try to coordinate the colors to match the popular cloth diaper colors. Here are pictures of my first listing on Etsy - available in newborn (0-3 month) size.  I know you may not all have newborns so don't worry - more sizes are coming soon!  AND - I take custom orders too!  Just send me a conversation on Etsy and we'll find the perfect pattern and size for your little darling.  This dress is available from newborn all the way to 24 months - and I'm working on a larger pattern too! ... [ Read More ]