Is that a mophie in your pocket or are you just happy to see me


mophie: portable charging devices for your iPhone (iPad or iTouch). As I was packing for BlogHer I realized that I needed to find myself a portable charging device for my dying phone.  I'm holding on tightly to my ancient iPhone 3GS in anticipation for the release of the iPhone 5.  I was so sad when they released the 4S because I am in dire need of an update.  My poor 3GS has been very well loved but the 4S just didn't do it for me.  Sadly she doesn't hold much of a charge these days and would never make it through a day at a blogging conference. In a building with 5,000+ bloggers I didn't stand a chance at finding a plug to charge my phone during the day and even if I did I would have to sit in that spot waiting for it to charge.  After posing a question to a group of women going to BlogHer I was introduced to my new lover...mophie!  It was love at first sight! mophie makes an entire line of portable charging devices.  Some are external chargers where you plug your phone into ... [ Read More ]

Blogher 2012: A (Attending) Man’s Perspective

My husband decided he wanted to write a post about BlogHer and his perspective on the conference.  I hope you enjoy his humor and if you see him at BlogHer, say Hi! Disclaimer: This is only my take on the Blogher experience and this is not intended to offend anyone…unless you just take that way. As we approach the eve of our trip to New York for Blogher '12, which is my second trip and Calley’s 3rd , I wanted to share my views on this venture.  I went along for the ride last year in San Diego and came away with a different perspective than I will enter with this year.  I heard all about the last conference held in New York in 2010 and immediately it sounded like a Swag Fest with thousands of women out seeking free merchandise. Let me reemphasize this was only my perception. After making the trip to San Diego in 2011 I came away with a better understanding of what actually goes on and how serious this is in the eyes of most attendees.  There is of course the occasion “swag ... [ Read More ]

The Real Power of Social Media

 I am completely blown away by this years BlogHer conference and I haven't even left home yet.  The past two years that I've gone there have been between 2500-3000 bloggers attend.  This year there will be 4500 - that's just amazing.  Not only will there by that many bloggers (mostly women - moms - and even some men) but we have the opportunity to connect with some pretty influential people. Sure it's nice to connect with the fabulous brands that help sponsor the conference (that's always fun) but I'm talking about celebrities and leaders. This year at Blogher the organizers are bringing us the following people who want to talk with us: Martha Stewart is the Keynote on Friday Katie Couric is the Keynote on Saturday Soledad O'Brien, Christy Turlington Burns, and Malaak Compton-Rock are speaking in the Women Influencers as Change Agents and finally they just announced that President Barack Obama will be speaking via live video stream on Thursday. The conference ... [ Read More ]

I’m a BlogHer Green Spotlight Blogger

Guess who is the Spotlight Blogger on BlogHer Green today?  Yep, that would be moi!  (insert cheesy excited grin here)   Heather Clisby featured my post on Upcycled Blogger Business Cards from a few days ago.  It was a part of my July Upcycled Crafting Challenge (#freefromtrash). Thank you Heather and BlogHer Green for sharing my post.  If you are a new reader and found me via BlogHer today thanks for visiting!  Be sure to check out some of my other posts about eco-crafting, natural parenting and my favorite topic - cloth diapers. Are you headed to BlogHer '12 in a few days?  Be sure to find me and tap me on the shoulder to say 'Hi!'  Tweet me @TheEcoChic too.   If you're lucky you might get one of my cardboard blogger business cards. ... [ Read More ]

My BlogHer ’12 Schedule

The Eco Chic

Is BlogHer '12 really THIS week?  I'll be packing over the next few days and heading up to New York on Wednesday.  My husband is joining me on the trip and we'll probably do some touristy things Wednesday and Thursday.  I even got him a ticket to BlogHer this year since he helps me out with my blog. Once the official conference starts on Thursday here is my tentative schedule (of official events and sessions): Thursday - Night at the Expo Friday - 6am: BlogHer 5K (don't be too excited, I'll probably be walking it!) 8am: BlogHer Breakfast - I'm sure I'll be hungry after the 5K 9am:  Welcome 10:30am: HTML Doesn't Have to Be a Four Letter Word (I only know a few basic codes) 11:15am: Geek Bar - Design Audit 11:45am: Lunch Keynote with Martha Stewart AND #clothbloghers12 Birds of a Feather Lunch organized by @MommaWords 1:15pm: Three-Dimensional Beauty on a 2D Screen 2:45pm: Geek Bar - Google Analytics 4pm: PHC Pampering (Phizer) - Hair Chalking appt at ... [ Read More ]

Blog Conference Survival Tips

Are you attending your first (or fifth) blog conference soon?  In 2010 I packed my bags and headed off to my first blog conference.  I had never met any other bloggers.  I didn't really even know a lot of bloggers.  I showed up in New York City and just about left in tears after the first hour.  Yes, really I can reread my post, What BlogHer Meant to Me, to hear the full story. That was nearly three years ago and I still get intimidated at blogging conferences.  I've been to 2 BlogHer's and 2 Blissdom conferences and I still get butterflies in my tummy at the thought of this trip.  Why? There will be over 4500 women (and a few men) in attendance at this year's BlogHer.  That's a LOT of women.  Women have been known for our catty attitudes.  We've been know to be clique-ish.  We've been known to be rude and well...just plain mean!  So how do avoid all the nasty stuff and not go home crying on the first day? Blog Conference Survival Tips Follow the #blogher12, ... [ Read More ]

No, my kids aren’t perfect. Are yours?

I'll admit it, my kids aren't perfect!  It's so easy to talk about their strengths and brag about their achievements because that's what we do as parents.  But what about when your kids misbehave, lie, cheat, and steal?  Do we go around talking about that or do we just sweep it under the rug and hope that no one will find out? I don't want to go into all of the details because this blog is not my place to embarrass or humiliate my children (after all, one day hopefully they will read some of this) but I want to acknowledge that my children aren't perfect.  This has been a challenging week as a parent.  My son got caught cheating.  He is a very competitive academic and puts a lot of pressure on himself to do good.  When things don't go as he thinks they should he gets very angry and doesn't know how to react properly.  He's always been sensitive and tends to over-react when he gets angry, that's nothing new.  I'll take full blame on the sensitivity issues because I tend to over-react ... [ Read More ]

Teaching Kids to Be Green – the 4 R’s


It's that time of year again, the Great American Teach-In is this week and I'll be talking to my sons class about How to Be Green.  I've talked to his class every year since Kindergarten and each year seems to take a slightly different turn.  I have 30 minutes to spend with them on Thursday and I have to decide what this years message should be. I always talk about the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) but I don't think I've ever talked about the 4th R (or first R).  REFUSE! We can all practice this one in our daily lives and I think if we teach children at a young age that it's ok to refuse wasteful items we can train them to be even more eco-friendly and green than we are. 5 Examples of ways to refuse: Refuse a straw at a restaurant and drink from the edge of the cup instead. Or use a glass straw like glass dharma - they are kid friend ly and guaranteed for life.  We have one but I always forget to take it with us. Refuse bags. Do we really need a bag for everything? ... [ Read More ]

Why I Missed a Day of NaBLoPoMo


Would you like to know why I didn't post anything yesterday? Because I had very little Internet service. I was in the car most of the day traveling on back roads through Georgia. Once we got to our destination there still wasn't Internet or 3G connection because there we 90,000 plus people sharing the network. It was football day in Athens so only a few lucky people manage to get online as we all fight for space on 3G. Here is a glimpse at our day. I don't regret missing just one day of NaBloPoMo for this...and family! We won too so it was a fabulous day!! posted from my iPhone! ... [ Read More ]

How do you blog when you’re offline?

This is a question I'm going to open up to my readers and fellow blog friends.  When you decide to take time off how do you keep your blog active?  I'm never good at scheduling posts ahead of time because honestly I do much better blogging on the fly. But what about when you really want to blog but you don't have more than just your phone?  We're planning a trip to visit friends soon who don't ever seem to know their WiFi key for their network.  So I'm normally sitting around their house in the mornings or evenings praying that I can figure out how to get on their network from the iPad.  It's much easier to write from the iPad than from my phone. Just curious how other people manage their time - offline?  Do you miss it?  Do you have the urge to go to McDonald's or Starbucks just to get on WiFi?  Or do you just enjoy the time off and know that your blog will still be there when you return? Yes, this is my lame attempt to keep consistent with NaBloPoMo while I'm 'offline' for a ... [ Read More ]