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5 Family Friendly Activities for Earth Hour

5 Family Friendly Activities for Earth Hour

Yesterday I talked about how Earth Hour is a global event on March 31st and how it can be used to help teach your children how to be good environmental stewards.  It's also a great time to build stronger family bonds.  Here are some activities you can do with or without the kids. 5 Family Friendly Activities for Earth Hour Make a statement in your neighborhood by lighting luminaries in your driveway or year.  Have fun with the layout and spell out Earth Hour or the 60+ logo with candles or luminaries.  How many of your neighbors will ask what you are doing? Have a fondue party by candlelight.  Invite your friends and your child's friends over for a fun party in the dark.  Serve fresh (local if possible) fruits and vegetables with a cheese fondue or create a fun fondue dessert with marshmallows, strawberries, sprinkles, and graham crackers. Family game night!  Pick a few of your favorite board games and play them by candlelight.  Candy Land is a great beginners game for ... [ Read More ]

Earth Hour 2012 – A Global Event

Looking back over my blog I just realized that my family has participated in Earth Hour since 2008 when I first heard about the event.  Every March organizers around the globe turn off their lights for one hour to unite people to protect the planet.  With the help of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) this annual event now reaches more than 5 million supports around the world. When is Earth Hour?  March 31st at 8:30pm - 9:30pm local time. What is Earth Hour?  For one hour on one day can you commit to turning off the lights and electronics in your home (or wherever you happen to be at the time)?  Around the world momuments like the Statue of Liberty, the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, and London Bridge turn off the lights for an entire hour.  These are lights that are typically on for 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.  Combine that with the efforts of cities, companies, and families and the impact of that one hour is massive!  It's the ultimate representation that if everyone made ... [ Read More ]

Earth Hour Retrospective 2010

It's now almost 10am and our local Earth Hour has just finished. Gearing up for Earth Hour this year was different this year since we aren't at home (with family). At 8 pm we finally put the kids in the bath and hoped they would be done by 8:30. A few minutes before we made them clean their room (mostly for safety reasons) before we turned off the lights. The baby fell asleep a few minutes before lights out. The older kids (we're with family) decided to get their tent out and make a fort. A few blankets and they were happy. My nephew had a tantrum and ended up asleep before long and my SIL and I were left to entertain my son. In actuality he entertained us! We let the wine pour and laughed at his antics. I found out that his favorite school lunch is corn dogs and egg salad! (not together!). With the baby I haven't found much to talk about his day at school now. I also talked to my brother and SIL and got to know more about them. They have only lived in the same state ... [ Read More ]

Saturday is Earth Hour 2010

Get the Countdown Creator Pro widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info) I haven't had much time to promote Earth Hour this year but that doesn't mean that it's slipped my mind. Three years ago I was flying home from a business trip when I first heard about Earth Hour. Of course I was IN THE AIR during Earth Hour and couldn't really help the cause much. Last year I was able to share my first Earth Hour with so many people. I was able to teach my son's Kindergarten class about Earth Hour; they even made posters and told their parents to turn off the lights.  At home we actually spent about an hour and a half without electricity and it was a great teaching opportunity for my son.  This whole year he's been my little electricity guru...always urging people to turn off their lights.  You can read about how we spent last Earth Hour on THIS post from last year. But what about this year?  This year I will be away from home with family.  ... [ Read More ]

An Earth Hour Retrospective

It is now 10pm EST and Earth Hour 2009 is over in our town.  But it's not really over is it?  We have the responsibility to celebrate Earth Hour ever hour!  We should all be responsible for our actions and for the footprints we leave on this Earth.  It was about 7:30pm and my 6 yr old told me Earth Hour was fast approaching.  He was making his plan of action.  "If the movie isn't over then we'll have to turn it off at 8:29pm,"  he said.  By 8pm our movie was over and he said, "can we start it early?"  So we took some time to make sure the lights were all off in the rest of the house.  Next, we turned the a/c and fans off.  Then we unplugged our electronics.  The only lights that I could see in the house were the stove/microwave clocks which I couldn't reach the plug from behind the stove.  I wish I knew how much electricity we saved during our hour! We finally made it to the back porch (it was lighter there) after we lit all of our candles and set up Monopoly.  The baby was ... [ Read More ]

Earth Hour is this Saturday!!!


Earth Hour 2009 is approaching FAST!  Saturday, March 28th from 8:30pm-9:30pm take a stand to fight climate change by turning off your lights (and all electrical items) for an hour.  Visit or to learn more. What will you be doing during Earth Hour?  I had the pleasure of spending an hour with some wonderful Kindergartner's yesterday (in the dark) to see how they would spend their time.  I started by reading a great children's book about global warming.  Winston of Churchill, One Bear's Battle Against Global Warmingby Jean Davies Okimoto is a funny story about a group of polar bears who know that "we must all do our part, no matter how small."  Below are some ideas that the kids had on how to spend their hour without electricity.  Playing board games with their family. Playing with play-doh. Sleep. Play cards. Build a puzzle. Light a candle (with adult supervision) Go for a walk. Look at the stars. Not too bad for a group ... [ Read More ]

Earth Hour 2009

Can you live without your lights for one hour?  Then join WWF and your local community and make a statement to show your commitment to climate change and finding a solution.  All you need to do is turn out the lights for one hour. Want to do more?  Visit to learn how you can help organize Earth Hour in your community. ... [ Read More ]

Earth Hour Comments

Wow, my comments on my last post were...HARSH!  I decided to leave the comments because they do have some validation to them; they are honest comments!  HOWEVER...if you looked at the time of the post you will see that I was at home when the clock struck 8pm!  Wasn't that the whole point; to make a statement at one specific time? As for the environmental impact of is a huge problem.  However, I don't really think my work would understand if I said I NEVER wanted to fly again.  Sometimes you don't really have a choice.  So for my negative commenters (if they ever choose to read my blog again)...what exactly would you have done if your job required you to fly?  It doesn't change my opinions and feelings on protecting the environment.  It doesn't change my opinions on oil.  I really don't see it as being a hypocrite...would you really like me to look into your life?  I don't claim to be a perfect environmental steward.  If you read ABOUT ME you will see I'm taking ... [ Read More ]

Earth Hour – Part 2 – TONIGHT!!!!

BEFORE YOU SLAM ME FOR BEING ON A PLANE - READ THE NEXT POST!  I APPRECIATE YOUR VIEWS AND WILL KEEP ALL COMMENTS (UNLESS VULGAR) BUT I ASK YOU TO CONSIDER YOUR LIFE BEFORE YOU JUDGE MINE!  Thanks!  I wanted to thank my friend Purple Pepper for her contribution to the Earth Hour post earlier today.  I was on a plane from Savannah to Atlanta when I read an article reminding me about Earth Hour.  Purple Pepper graciously posted the information for me since I wasn't around my computer.  However....I also wrote an article while waiting for my return flight back to here it is: Delta Airlines SKY magazine had a great green issue this month and the cover was about Earth Hour.  I remember when Australia honored Earth Hour last year so I was glad to see this again this year.  It's not just about an hour as it is to how much we as individuals impact the environment AND how we as individuals have a personnal responsibility to help reduce our impact.  We can sit around all day ... [ Read More ]