What Makes a Lennar Home “Mommy Certified?” #MommyCertified

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lennar Tampa. The opinions shared are my own.

For the past few months I’ve been working on the Mommy Certified campaign with Lennar Homes of Tampa.  Before I started working on this campaign I wondered, “what exactly is a Mommy Certified home?” Think about all of the things on your dream home “wish list” and this is probably what a Mommy Certified home includes.  Take a few minutes and watch this short video about what I think a Mommy Certified home is.

To view on YouTube: http://youtu.be/04mU9eEPReM

To summarize the video’s main highlights:

1. A Mommy Certified home should be in your perfect community.  What do you look for in a new home community? Conservation lots, community pools, play grounds, or centrally located to a popular city.  Lennar Homes communities are located nearby all the major parts of Tampa and surrounding areas.

2. Spacious Floor Plans.  We all need a little more space in a home don’t we?  Even in the smaller Lennar Homes models you’ll have plenty of large rooms to meet every need of your family.  For us, my dream home would have an office for me and a large playroom (and homework area) for the kids.  You can view some of my favorite Lennar Homes floor plans on their Pinterest page: Lennar Homes Tampa.

Spacious Rooms #MommyCertified

3. Functional Living Areas.  While many new homes have lots of tiny rooms, Lennar Homes actually has functional living areas that are useful for the entire family.  I love their open concept kitchens and living rooms so the family can be in the same area; yet still have their own spaces.

Lennar Homes Tampa #MommyCertified

4. Eco-Friendly Features INCLUDED! You won’t have to pay extra for the Lennar Tampa eco-friendly features.  They are standard in all of their homes.  I love that they all come standard with Energy Star appliances, WaterSense faucets, Low-E glass windows, and other cutting-edge green building features.  You’ll save so much on your energy and water bills compared to other new homes.  

Lennar Homes Tampa #MommyCertified

What features are on your new home “wish list?”  Do you think there’s a home out there for you that meets your “mommy certification?”  If you’re in the Tampa area be sure to check out Lennar Homes of Tampa and their beautiful new communities.

Disclosure: This post is part of the Mommy Certified sponsored campaign with Lennar Tampa.  All opinions share in this post are my own and not those of Lennar.

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  1. Amy H says

    I don’t live in Tampa but a specific home feature that annoys me about our relatively new home is not the energy efficiency of the windows but the safety of them. The installed windows in our house are single hung. So, they can only be opened from the bottom. Many new homes have low window silks & large windows – low enough & large enough for kids (& pets to fall through). I know many people don’t bother ever opening windows except to clean them, but in Virginia where I live, we do have seasons, and I do like to open my windows when the temperature is nice to air things out. Double hung windows would be safer so they could be opened from the top. Or heck even just flipping the single hung windows so the top opens. This is a safety issue I wish builders would consider and make moms of young children feel better!


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