5 Reasons Skating Rinks Need Open Bars for Parents

We are nearing the end of the second week of school and I just survived the first school skate night of the year….barely!  I am convinced that every skating rink needs to have an open bar for the parents and taxi’s waiting outside to take them home afterwards.

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5 Reasons Skating Rinks Should Have Open Bars for the Parents

1. Your kid doesn’t know how to skate!  It’s only been 2 months since she last practiced with her friend but she was terrified because of all the big kids on the rink.  She decided to cry instead.

2. Your child’s friends skate better and faster than they do!  Her little BFF just wanted to skate and had no fear.  They both had their little PVC trainers (see here if you don’t know what I’m talking about), but her friend was faster than her.  She decided to stop and cry instead of catch up with her friend.

3. Big brother is skating with his friends and not little sister!  Big brother is (finally) confident with his mediocre skating abilities and is off skating with his friends.  He had no desire to come, but since his friends were there he survived.  Little sister decided to cry though because her big brother wouldn’t wait for her.

4. You’re a mom of a 5 year old!  When you’re 5, in Kindergarten, and have been in school for a whole two weeks it’s hard!  You’re exhausted and just don’t want to miss out on the fun; so naturally you cry!

5. Your child’s balloon breaks!  Oh those damn balloons that break, I’m sorry you hit it up against a concrete wall little one.  Naturally, you’ll cry!

Bonus: It’s time to leave – insert tears here too because you finally “want to skate!”

I think I have the most emotional kids in the school.  Thankfully the youngest was the only one to experience meltdowns tonight.  I think she spent more time crying than having fun and she never did step foot on the rink with her skates on.  She did enjoy seeing all her friends from school and she REALLY enjoyed the dance room in the back.

I think next time I’m going to save the $10 I spend on renting skates and trainers (walkers on wheels) and just let her dance and eat pizza.  I’m sure next month when it’s time to do this again she’ll only remember how much fun she had this time and I’ll be forced to do this all over again.  When that time comes, I’ll be “that” mom in the corner with my flask!  It’s ok, I’ll share!

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