New! FuzziBunz One-Size Small & One-Size Large Pocket Diapers {Review}

What’s old is new again!  FuzziBunz is back and better than ever!!

Before I introduce you to their new one-size diapers, I thought it would be a good time to meet the new designer behind FuzziBunz’s new look; Roy Couvillion.  When the new owners, CRG llc, purchased the intellectual property rights to the FuzziBunz brand back in 2013 they were inspired to redesign the diapers and morph them into the highest quality cloth diapers in the industry.  As a long-time product design engineer (and grandfather of nine), Roy was excited to design the new one-size diapers from the ground up.  With this, the new FuzziBunz One-Size diaper collection was born.

New FuzziBunz Diapers

The collection actually consists of two separate cloth diapers, the One-Size Small and the One-Size Large.  They are replacing the FuzziBunz Elite and I’m in love with the improvements he’s made.

You may be wondering, “Why 2 different sizes? How is that a ‘one-size’ diaper?”  Both of the sizes are intended to take a child from birth to potty training; but every child is not the same size.  My children were both under 7 lbs are birth, tall, lean, and no more than 25-28 lbs at potty training.  The FuzziBunz One-Size Small would likely have fit my children very close to birth and all the way through potty training.  The recommended weight range for the small is 7-30lbs.  Not every child is tiny like mine, and the average birth weight is 7.5 lbs.  I’m sure if you have a heftier baby, they gained weight fairly quickly and didn’t take long before they were over 10lbs.  While you may not know how big your baby will be at birth, you have a good idea if they are going to be lean, average, or hefty based on your own family history (or from your previous births if this isn’t your first child).  The FuzziBunz One-Size Large is recommended for 10-45lbs.

Compared to the One-Size Small; the FuzziBunz One-Size Large has a wider crotch, slightly larger rise, and a larger insert.  Aside from that, the 2 sizes are designed exactly the same.  This new design differs from the older Elite style with a wider and more comfortable waist and leg elastic casing.  The waist and leg seems are reinforced with a double-row of stitching with a heavier thread to reinforce the critical seams of the diapers.

New FuzziBunz OS Diapers

Another new feature is the new full size microfiber inserts.  The diapers now come standard with only one, 3-layered insert that is much wider on one end.  While the widest width is intended for the back of the diaper, you can still put the widest end where you need the most absorbency.  In fact, my friend Tricia tested the new FuzziBunz on her daughter and finds herself stuffing them “backwards” so there is more absorbency in the front for her tummy sleeper.

FuzzinBunz OS Large

As always, the FuzziBunz One-Size collection features the same polar fleece inside and the same adjustable buttonhole elastic waist and leg casings.  There are two buttons on the inside of the waist casing for you to adjust the width of the diaper for your child.  There are also two buttons on each leg casing (2 on the left and 2 on the right) to adjust the rise of the diaper.  While it may be a little confusing at first glance, it may be easier to see (and adjust) the buttons by turning the diaper inside out.  Once you find a snug size for your child you shouldn’t have to adjust it very often (usually only after a growth spurt).

To help you actually see some of the new features of the new FuzziBunz One-Size collection, I filmed a short video featuring both the small and large diapers.  Please ignore my pug who is snoring in the background of the video; he’s quite a heavy sleeper apparently!  To watch it on YouTube:

I told you he snored!  You didn’t believe me did you??

Finally, since I know you want to see the fit on a wee one, here is a bum shot on my friends little girl.  This one is the One-Size Small on a 22lb babe!  Her thoughts, “It’s nice and trim.  Both sizes fit her well at this age and weight.  We’ve gone 2, 3, 4 hours and longer at night with no leaks.  The new inserts are really nice.  I’m impressed and I loved the original FuzziBunz.”  

FuzziBunz OS Small

What did you think of the new FuzziBunz One-Size Collection?  Ready to add one to your stash?  You can find them at Kelly’s Closet.  

Disclosure: I’d like to thank the entire FuzziBunz team for including me in some of the research and development stages of the new designs and for sending along a set of diapers for review.  I may need to make a trip to Louisiana though because I’m out of the delicious pecans they sent my way.  This post contains my own personal opinions on this product.

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  1. Cassie says

    Hi, I’m new to cloth diapering and would love to try fuzzibunz i was wondering if you could give me your opinion on what size i should get for my son? My son was 8lbs 6 oz at birth he dropped to 7lbs8oz when we brought him home. He s now 7 weeks and about 12 or 13 lbs. Should i get os small or large? Oh also when i use disposables i have a hard time because between his legs is very narrow so no matter the size of disposables they always leave red marks. I cant wait to start cloth. He does also has the problem of blow outs through the legs.

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