Angelic Baby Shower Gifts for Mom & Baby

Mama & Baby Care BasketAsk my friends, I don’t do traditional baby shower gifts.  I rarely even look at someone’s baby registry because I know exactly the types of items that the new mom will swoon over.

Even if they are not planning on using cloth diapers, I usually give them just a little touch of cloth in their gift.  I always give them a copy of Changing Diapers book by Kelly Wels and I usually highlight a few of my favorite sections.  With the book I usually try to give them just one cloth diaper so they can touch it, feel it, and maybe even use it for one of their new baby photos (because they are just so much cuter in pictures than disposables).  Yes, I have friends who have never used their cloth diaper, but I hope that it will find it’s way to a mom who will show it some love.

Next up, I like to shower the new mom with some angelic gifts from Earth Mama Angel Baby.  Most people forget to give the mom things that are just for her and her changing body.  Regardless of if the mom is having a natural birth or c-section, breastfeeding or bottle feeding, I always give them a small jar of Earth Mama C-Mama Healing Salve and Natural Nipple Butter.  Even if they don’t use it for it’s intended purpose, there are hundreds of first aid uses for both of these amazing products.  In fact, Earth Mama Angel Baby has an entire page devote to those alternative uses for Earth Mama products on their blog.  Nipple Butter can be used on nipples, chapped lips, cuticles, minor rashes, and even for removing chewing gum from a child’s hair.  C-Mama salve can be used for c-section scars, surgical wounds (perhaps she tore during her vaginal delivery), cuts, rashes, stretch marks, acne, and eczema.  You can see just how versatile these 2 products can be.

My dad used the C-Mama Healing Salve a few years ago on his radiation burns from throat cancer.  He said it was the only thing that took the burn away.

My favorite baby care products also happen to be from Earth Mama Angel Baby.  Everyone will give the new mom those big huge bottles of J&J soap and lotion.  I know they mean well, but they are full of fragrances and other chemicals that you really shouldn’t be using on a baby.  I like to give the mom a bottle of Calming Lavender (perfect for bedtime) or Orange Vanilla Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash.  Earth Mama only uses gentle, pure organic castile soap and organic essential oils; no artificial fragrances, foaming agents, sulfates, preservatives, parabens, or dyes.  Earth Mama baby shampoo is so gentle that hospitals use it in their NICUs.  I also like to include a jar of Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm for diaper rash.  It’s safe for cloth diapers, vegan (no beeswax), and works on more than just diaper rashes.  Just like all of the Earth Mama balms and salves, the Bottom Balm is a great first aid treatment for bumps, bruises, scrapes, cuts, acne, bug bites, and so much more.

There are so many fun products you could add to a new mama & baby basket!!  It’s so easy to get carried away once you find products you love.  Some of my other favorites include Zen Rocks teething necklaces (affiliate link), Bamboobies nursing pads, or a few more fun cloth diapers.  For those really good friends, an Onya Baby Carrier would be the perfect gift for a mom wanting to wear their baby.

Whatever gifts you decide to give the new mom, have fun shopping and making them look just as beautiful as she is.  She’ll appreciate the effort and the love that is flowing from your new mama & baby care basket.  It will be like a gift from an Angel!  

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Fluffin' Awesome Cloth Diaper Baby Shower

Disclosure: This post is part of the Fluffin’ Awesome Baby Shower event and is sponsored by several different cloth diaper and eco-friendly mom and baby companies.  In addition, I am an #EarthMama Blogger Ambassador in which I am a financially compensated blog ambassador for Earth Mama Angel Baby.  To follow my adventure search for #EarthMama on social media.  Financial compensation was received to sponsor the event and products have been donated to be featured in this post.

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    Great suggestions! My sister is due in four weeks with her first baby (first baby in our family too!) and they are planning to use cloth. I like how you included gifts for mom as well :)
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