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Diaper cakes have become a very popular baby shower gift these days and some of them are absolutely adorable.  The problem with most diaper cakes though is that they are created using disposable diapers.  Nothing is more disappointing for a mom who plans on using cloth diapers than receiving a disposable diaper cake at their shower.  If you are planning a baby shower for someone who is planning on using cloth diapers, here is a quick tutorial for how to incorporate cloth diapers into a diaper cake for about the same amount of money.

Cloth Diaper Cake Dinosaur ThemeThis cloth diaper cake is made up of 3 tiers with a baby legging cupcake topper.  It rests on a bucket that I found at the Dollar Store this summer.  I used mostly flat cloth diapers to make up each tier but you could easily use swaddle blankets or cloth diaper inserts (from pocket diapers) to make up the tiers.  The top tier was created with a pack of flannel cloth baby wipes and a flat diaper.  All of the ribbons and accessories were from the craft store and you can accessories your cake with other cloth diaper accessories such as Balm Baby Bottom Balm and Molly’s Suds detergent samples.  The cloth diapers used in this project are available at Kelly’s Closet.

Cloth Diaper Cake Supplies

For a quick video tutorial scroll down or watch the video directly on YouTube; How to Make a Cloth Diaper Cake Video.  The directions below go into a little more detail about each tier.

For this diaper cake everything I used was blue, green, and dinosaur themed.  You could easily create this same cloth diaper cake for a girl using the printed flats that are available at Kelly’s Closet. All of the diaper supplies used cost around $70 and the accessories will vary depending on what you get.

Cloth Diaper Cake

For the Top Tier you will need 15 flannel cloth baby wipes, a printed flat diaper, ribbon and straight pins.  I also used a rubber band to hold the rolled wipes together.  To roll the wipes, first fold in half and then roll.  Bundle them all together with a rubber band and you’re ready to wrap your flat around them.  For the flat, I folded the flat in half and then in thirds until it was the same height as my wipes bundle.  Then wrap your flat around the bundle and attach with straight pins.  Accessorize with coordinating ribbons.

Cloth Diaper Cake

For the Middle Tier you’ll need 4 plain flats, 1 one-size diaper cover, ribbon and a few straight pins.  Your middle tier should end up just slightly taller and wider than your top tier.  To begin, fold your flats in half and again in thirds.  Then roll the first flat and keep adding another flat until you end up with your completed tier.  Use your pins or a rubberband to secure the flats together.  Next, wrap the tier with a diaper cover (you could also use a pocket or AIO here but it will be slightly thicker).  I secured the diaper cover with the hook&loop closure tabs already on the diaper.  You can also use snap closures if you prefer.  Finally, tie some coordinating ribbon around the diaper cover for the finishing touches on this tier. DO NOT PIN through the cover!!  This will cause the diaper cover to leak when it’s in use.  I secured the ribbon on this layer with a small bit of double sided tape (nothing was physically attached on the cover).

Cloth Diaper Cake

For the bottom and final tier, you’ll need 10 flats, ribbon and a few straight pins.  You can also use rubberbands if you like.  The bottom tier will be slightly taller and wider than your other tiers.  Just like in the middle tier, begin by folding and rolling your flats into a large circle.  Save 2 printed flats for the end.  After you have rolled 8 flats, add a printed flat to the outside to give it a finished look.  Fold the last printed flat in a square and use it to cover the top of the tier.  You can use your pins and rubber bands at any time in this step to keep everything together.  Complete this layer by adding ribbons for embellishment around the outside of your layer.

You are now ready to stack your tiers on top of one another and build your cloth diaper cake.  Once you have them all stacked nicely you can add your accessories, more ribbon, flowers, baby toys, diaper balm, detergent samples , and other goodies for mom and baby.

Cloth Diaper Cake Accessories That’s it!  Your cloth diaper cake is now complete and ready to give to the new mom.  I added a few other diaper covers and pockets around the base as decoration so that the mom would have enough diapers for several diaper changes.

To watch a short 2 minute video showing how the diaper cake was built you can watch it right here or on YouTube; How to Make a Cloth Diaper Cake video.

Concerned about the cost of building a cloth diaper cake?  Flat diapers and prefold diapers are your least expensive option.  Diaper covers are also very budget friendly.  Ask some friends and other guests to contribute to the supplies to help split the expenses.  Remember that unlike a disposable diaper cake, the materials used in a cloth diaper cake will get used over and over again until the mom’s baby is potty trained!  

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