Lavender Vanilla DIY Foot Spa Treatment with #EarthMama

Lavender Vanilla DIY Foot Spa Treatment #EarthMama

Summer is in full force around our house AND I’m squeezing in work while both kids are home with me.  Some evenings I’m so exhausted that all I want to do is take a nice relaxing bath before bed; but our tub is out of commission at the moment.  I’m so glad my youngest saw a commercial for a kids play foot spa because it reminded me that I had one stored away in my closet.  Earlier this week after a very stressful day we dusted it off and I decided to introduce my 5 yr old to the world of at home foot spa treatments!  I mean, who doesn’t love a bubbling hot water soak on their tired achy feet?

I wasn’t sure how relaxing this was going to actually be with my 5 yr old but we gave it a try.  I anticipated that she wouldn’t sit still long and for the water to be all over the floor, so I prepped our area with a few towels to protect the floors.  I filled the tub up with hot water and a few pumps of Earth Mama Angel Baby Calming Lavender shampoo and body wash.  That’s all you need!  There was just enough body wash (pure castille soap) to help remove any dirt we had acquired between our toes during the day.  The organic lavender and vanilla essential oils provided a soothing scent and left our feet feeling extra smooth.  She soaked off-and-on for about 10 minutes before she was bored and ready to go play.  She did sit still long enough afterwards for me to dry her feet and massage in a little Earth Mama Bottom Balm.

She made a short video just for fun:

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Then it was my turn!  I quickly locked the door and laid on the floor while my feet soaked!  It was so quiet and so relaxing that I just wanted to go to sleep, but it was only 6pm so that wasn’t happening.  I did enjoy about 15-20 minutes to myself while my feet soaked.  The Bottom Balm left my legs and feet so smooth and soft.  Ahhhh….it was like angels had kissed my feet!

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Earth Mama Angel Baby products are non-toxic and hospital recommended.  They are organic and contain natural herbal products; USDA Organic, Cruelty free, and vegan.  All their ingredients are listed right on their labels.  The Earth Mama shampoo and body was is gentle enough for your newborn; yet strong enough for your stinky teenager!  The Earth Mama Bottom Balm is safe for your baby’s bum and strong enough for the first aid kit!  The Bottom Balm works great on dry, chapped skin, rashes, and mild burns.  It’s even safe for use with cloth diapers without having to use a liner.  You can find Earth Mama Angel Baby products direct from the manufacturer, on Amazon (affiliate), and even your favorite cloth diaper retailer!

Disclosure: Follow my month long adventure with Earth Mama Angel Baby as I test out new and fun ways to use their products.  This post was created as part of the #EarthMama Blogger Ambassador Campaign in which I am a financially compensated blog ambassador for Earth Mama Angel Baby.  The opinions in this post are my own and based on my own experiences and not those of the company.  To follow my adventure search for #EarthMama on social media.  

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