Carvel + Nutella = Heaven in a Cup (or Cone)


From now until Sept 30th you can indulge on the delicious Nutella inspired recipes at Carvel ice cream shops.  The popular hazelnut spread has been added to their soft-serve, hand-scooped and sundae dashers for your summer enjoyment.

“We could not be more excited to offer our handcrafted Carvel ice cream with Nutella® hazelnut spread as an exciting treat this summer,” said Carvel President Scott Colwell.  “Nutella® has such a loyal following and we know our guests will be thrilled that it’s being paired with our fresh ice cream.”

What are some reasons you might be stopping by Carvel this summer?  With the kids out of school for another 2 months I’m sure I can think of a few reasons.

  1. To reward your kids for reading over summer!
  2. To salvage a crappy day from complete disaster!
  3. For a family night out on the town!
  4. For a mom’s night out without the kids!
  5. For a date night (again, without the kids)!
  6. For a cool treat after a long day at the beach!
  7. For those lazy Sunday afternoons!
  8. To reward your kids for NOT arguing with one another so that mommy can work!
  9. For a summer birthday (or anniversary) celebration!
  10. For a treat before the 4th of July fireworks!
  11. Because you just cleaned the house and don’t want anyone to destroy it!
  12. Because summer without ice cream is just boring!
  13. Because the kids just left for a weeks vacation with the grandparents!
  14. Because summer is almost half over already!
  15. To survive the afternoon Florida rain storms!
  16. Because we all need a break from electronics this summer!
  17. Because Carvel sent you a gift card (and some other goodies) to help share the news!
  18. Because you need an afternoon pick-me-up!
  19. Because you’re on vacation!
  20. (Insert your own reason here!)

Whatever your reason for visiting Carvel, you’ll have to stop back by and tell me what you think of the new Nutella ice cream treats!  Hubs and I are going to stop by tomorrow after I’m done with jury duty (please don’t pick me, please don’t pick me) and sample some of the Nutella Sundae Dashers ourselves!

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