Passport to Imagination with Michael’s Stores

passport to imagination with Michaels Stores

We’re going into week 3 of summer vacation and I have to say, I’m surviving this summer like a boss!  Our first week out of school was a family vacation so that was pretty easy.  Last week was our first real week at home while I attempt to work AND juggle kids.  We spent most of the week at karate since my son was testing for his 1st degree Black Belt this past weekend (he passed – yeah!!).

Friday, I scheduled a Passport to Imagination craft class at Michael’s for the kids.  This summer your kids can spend 2 craft-filled hours at Michael’s (without mom nagging them) for only $2.  That’s just long enough to run to Starbucks, grab a latte, and get a little bit of work done in peace and quiet!

As long as your kids are over 5 you can drop them off and don’t have to stick around.  The kids are safe in a back room with a few Michael’s employees and aren’t allowed to leave until you get back.  It was a pretty full class at our local Michael’s and the kids ranged from about 5-13 yrs; both boys and girls.

While I was away, the kids personalized their “My Creative Adventure” album with their names and completed 2 full craft projects.  They created a “Life Cycle of a Butterfly” which included a leaf with eggs on it, a pompom caterpillar, the chrysalis, and a tissue paper butterfly.  They also did a little printmaking and made a tree frog.  I think the printmaking project took them the longest but it’s super adorable.

michaels craft classes

Each week there are 3 classes offered; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-noon.  The weekly themes take the kids on an imagination road trip to 7 of North America’s famous museums like The Field Museum (Chicago), Georgia Aquarium (Atlanta), Pima Air & Space Museum (Tucson), Perot Museum of Nature and Science (Dallas), Denver Art Museum (Denver), the Museum of Fashion Institute of Technology (New York), and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Montreal).  At the end of the summer they can fill up their adventure album with their trip around the US.

In addition to the in-class activities there are a few projects designed to do at home to continue the lesson.  For Friday’s class there was a Tiger Puzzle (sold separately), a tech-free challenge (awesome!!!), and a word search.  The kids really enjoyed the tech-free challenge this week.  They spent about 30 minutes outside trying to identify as many animals and plants as they could.  It was a great way to get them to turn the TV off.

Be sure to save their activity book from the class because there is a coupon on the back for 40% off any regular price item!  Mommy’s going shopping during the next class!  Which week do you think you’re kids would like most?  What would YOU do with your 2 hours?  Get them registered online now; Passport to Imagination.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Michael’s and my kids really did go to a class last week.  They are still talking about it and begging me to sign them up for another class.  I’m thinking once VBS is over this week and they get back from their vacation with the grandparents that I’ll be signing them up for several more classes.

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