Can your kids be friends?

Do your kids fight? Do they argue over the silliest things? Do they drive you insane with their petty jealousy? Maybe it’s time for a family vacation!


My kids are almost 6 years apart in age so the sibling dynamics are much different than me and my brother. My brother and I are only 18mo apart and most people confused us as twins when we were little. My brother was my best friend growing up. That was before the age of computers, iPads and cell phones when we actually went outside and played with our neighborhood friends.

We didn’t always get along, I guess that’s part of being siblings. I remember being downright mean to my brother; I’ll spare you the details because I’m sure you have your own memories if you had a sibling. My kids are no different. They fight over who gets to sit next to me at dinner. They argue over who gets to pick the show on TV. They cry when the other gets “their” way!

But when it really matters, they show their love for each other. While on our mini-weekend vacation to Orlando, my kids showed their love and friendship towards one another and I actually got to witness it. Something happens to kids when they don’t have an iPad in their hands, they actually remember how to play. My son took his little sister by the hand and walked her to the playground. He swam with her hanging tight on his neck to reach the other side of the pool. He carried her back to the room after she almost fell asleep at the dive-in-movie.

It wasn’t just him either. She wanted to follow him to play with his new friends. She wanted to chase after him as he ran away from the girls.

I’m not sure if I just noticed things more because I wasn’t distracted by my own electronics or if they truly showed more compassion. I actually sent out this Tweet:

@TheEcoChic: Why do siblings get along so well on vacation?!

and my favorite response of the day was:

@DoNotFaint: @TheEcoChic they unite against the other kids who want to swim in the hotel pool!

More than anything else, I think they are best friends just like my brother and I were. The constant bickering is going to happen. The kids are going to get on your last nerve. When you’ve had as much as you can handle, find a way to sneak out of town for just a day! Sometimes that’s all it takes for balance to be achieved and friendships to strengthen.

…and just know that as soon as you get home, the bickering will start back!

As I was writing this last night and reflecting on our weekend, my kids were fighting over who got to sleep next to me on our last night of vacation.

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