Cloth Diapering in Special Circumstances #schoolofcloth

schoolofcloth Welcome back to the School of Cloth.  This is a month long educational event sponsored by the Real Diaper Association, cloth diaper businesses, cloth diapering bloggers, and the entire cloth diaper community to help raise awareness about cloth diaper.  We’re glad you found us!

In week 4 of our School of Cloth we’re going to be sharing information about cloth diapering in special circumstances.  Be sure to check out the schedule of live classes listed on the RDA website and Attend the School of Cloth!

Do you have twins or multiples and want to cloth diaper?

Are you scared to cloth diaper at night?

How do you travel with cloth diapers?

My husband (family, etc) doesn’t want to cloth diaper, now what!?

Do you have a special needs baby?  Not sure how to cloth diaper on top of managing the challenges of a special needs child?

These are all really important questions and the Real Diaper Association, Real Diaper Circles, bloggers, retailers, and the cloth diaper community can help.  Chances are we’ve all heard your question before and if we haven’t, we know someone who has!

Here are some great posts or links with resources to help you out:

Cloth diaper for $5 or less using items around your home.

Ask Janice of Momma Words for advice on cloth diapering twins (or multiples).

Tips for traveling with cloth diapers. (and more tips here)

Diapering in a (natural) disaster.

Cloth diapering a newborn in the hospital.

Nighttime cloth diapering secrets.

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One Response to Cloth Diapering in Special Circumstances #schoolofcloth

  1. Debi says:

    I CD’d my youngest and I loved it. I wish I had been smart enough to do it with all of them.

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