On the Road with The Rockettes’ – A Radio City Christmas Spectacular #gogoplayfully

RadioCityChristmasSpectacular_Rockettes I want to first send a very special thank you to GoGo squeeZ for inviting me to experience the Radio City Christmas Spectacular on tour in Tampa, December 12-29th.

One of the joys of having a daughter is that I get to experience some “girly” things like this with her that the men in our lives just don’t appreciate.  My husband and son don’t care much for stage performances, musicals, or The Rockettes’.  Now that my daughter is old enough to appreciate these things I now have a friend to take with me.  In December, I’ll get to surprise her by spending a day with The Rockettes’ when they perform in Tampa.  Before the performance we’ll even get to attend an official kick class, where we’ll get to learn how to do those famous Rockette high kicks thanks to GoGo squeeZ.  

Have you seen the Rockettes’ perform?  We’ve been to New York several times but we’ve never seen them live.  The closest I’ve seen them is in the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV.  In Tampa they will be performing at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts.

Upcoming On the Road Show Dates:

  • Atlanta: 11/7 – 11/23
  • West Palm Beach: 11/29 – 12/8
  • Nashville: 11/16 – 12/24
  • Tampa: 12/12 – 12/29

Will you join us for this high energy, playfully fun, family-friendly event!!  GoGo squeeZ has discounted tickets available for all locations (select tickets and performances) with coupon code GOGOSZ; purchase 4 tickets for the price of 3 (or save 25% off of up to 4 tickets).

My kids love grabbing a GoGo squeeZ for their afternoon snacks when they get home from school.  I love that GoGo squeeZ is all natural applesauce in easy to grab pouches, perfect for our busy lives!  GoGo squeeZ just conducted a national playfulness survey and found that nearly 3 out of 4 (74%) parents with kids 4 to 12 have problems including playfulness into their daily life.  I’m pretty sure that our family falls into that 74% with our stressful schedules during the week but we do try to have a little more fun on the weekends.  What about your family?  How much of your day is spend having fun and being playful with your kids?  

Be sure to follow me on Instagram, @TheEcoChic, (especially the evening of 12/17) to see my little one and me having some fun with the Rockettes’ and GoGo squeeZ, follow the #gogoplayfully hashtag.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular in Tampa with the Rockettes

Disclosure: I was provided with tickets to see the Rockettes’ and to attend their kick class before the show in exchange for sharing information and our experiences about the event.  All opinions are my own and not those of GoGo squeeZ or the Rockettes’.  


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  1. Lucy Ramon says:

    I can’t find the Tampa event on Ticketmaster???

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