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Cloth Diaper Banks Welcome back to the School of Cloth.  This is a month long educational event sponsored by the Real Diaper Association, cloth diaper businesses, cloth diapering bloggers, and the entire cloth diaper community to help raise awareness about cloth diaper.  We’re glad you found us!

In week 3 of our School of Cloth we’re going to be sharing information about cloth diaper banks and other options for diaper in times of need.  Be sure to check out the schedule of live classes listed on the RDA website and Attend the School of Cloth!

Today I want to start with a story about an event that happened just today.  The kids and I made a brief trip to WalMart to pick up a few things before heading to the grocery store.  While cruising through the aisles, a dad was pushing his young toddler in the shopping cart and talking to him.  He said, “Daddy has to get you diapers and then we can go home.” and kept on walking.  I didn’t think much of it at the time and we continued to do our shopping.

We checked out, got in our car, and headed to our next stop.  Then it happened, we passed by the dad and his son who were walking on the sidewalk but I realized something – there were no diapers (or any bags) in his hands.  He was still pushing the shopping cart up the hill and across the street but he had no bags in his cart.

My heart just sank!

Did they leave the store without diapers?  Did he really need them?  Do they have any diapers at all?  

My 10 year old actually noticed this at the same time as I did so it was a good time for a conversation about diapering need.  I explained to him that disposable diapers are really expensive and that some parents simply can’t afford them.  I also told him that there are cheaper diapers that families can use if they had no money.  I explained to him how flat diapers (or flour sack towels) and t-shirts could be used as diapers.

We continued about our way finishing our shopping at the grocery store.  It was then that my son noticed something – the man and his son were there too.  They were standing in line at the deli getting a sub sandwich.  What would you have done?  Would you have approached him?  Would you have watched to see if he grabbed diapers there?  Surely they were cheaper at WalMart, right?

I wasn’t brave enough to say anything or do anything.  We didn’t pass them anywhere in the store (where it may have been more private to ask if they needed help) and I have no idea if they left with diapers or not.  Did I miss an opportunity to truly help someone in need?

What could I have done?  A) I could have offered to pay for a pack of disposables for him.  B) I could have given him some advice on how to diaper for just a few dollars with a flour sack towel, tshirt, or other absorbent material and a cover.  C) Minded my own business.

The problem here is I don’t truly know if he needed help.  There are families out there who DO need help and may not have the resources or knowledge to know about cloth diapers.  I really wish I had an “emergency diaper kit” in the back of my car that I could hand out if I were ever in this situation again.  A pack of flour sack towels, flats, or tshirts and a few diaper covers might be just what a family needs to afford lunch for the day (instead of a pack of disposables).

Did you know that there are cloth diaper banks available to help also?  The following information has been copied from Diaper Aid Hubs Facebook page:

Here’s a map of cloth diaper banks that could be useful ( – - or you can see the list below (there may be some on the map that aren’t here and vice versa): - Prince George, British Columbia – Chapters across Canada - Houston, British Columbia - Chilliwack, BC - Grand Prarie, Alberta - Medicine Hat, AB - Southern Ontario - Greater Victoria - serves national - Gloucester, MA, Low income families in the continental US >25 cities around the US. click the link to find out more. - Jake’s Diapers is a cloth diaper bank, dedicated to helping babies in need, wherever they may be. - Maine - Ithaca, NY, diapers available with a WIC card in store

AGAPE GO Green Save Money Cloth Diaper Program- Bloomsburg,PA - Newark, Delaware and surrounding areas - North Carolina – Partner with Gulford and Randolph County WIC is a general diaper bank, but they are adding reusable cloth diapers to their inventory. - 2 Diapers 2 Share is focused on low income families or families with a specific reason for needing assistance in Halifax, Warren and Vance counties in North Carolina. - Diapering with Love, a division of Green Onslow, located in Jacksonville, NC and serving the local community. We lend to low income families (follow WIC guidelines). - Georgia low country - Serving anyone on government assistance of any kind in Pinellas County, FL - South West Florida - South Florida; The Big Bend chapter serves Leon, Wakulla anf Franklin counties. - Leesville, LA - Oklahoma City, OK - Dallas, TX - West Michigan - southeastern MI - Nestlings Diaper Bank serving families in Ottawa County, MI - Bloomington, IN – A program of First United Church - Springfield, MO - West Missouri - Kansas - Omaha and Bellevue, NE - provide cloth diapers to low-income military families in the Colorado Springs, CO area - Umpqua Valley, OR - Yakima, WA – uses WIC income standards - Cloth diaper lending pantry for low income families serving Tacoma, Washington.

If you didn’t find one for you, here’s another list that might include more:

There are also extra links added to this link in the comments on this page:


If you are local to the Tampa Bay area I want to mention Babycycle – a local diaper bank that has just started collecting cloth diapers to include in their bank.  If you’d like to help fund or donate to the organization here is more information: and follow them on Facebook:

Follow the School of Cloth blog ring by clicking the links below and finding out other ways to help those in need.  If you have an organization you’d like to share please leave a link in the comments section below.


Credit: Diaper Aid Hub for the list of Cloth Diaper Banks. Original list shared on their Facebook page and republished here.

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  3. Gina says:

    Do you know how people could help besides donating? I don’t have diapers to donate or money to give but I would like to help.

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