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I really do enjoy receiving mail from (aff link—>) ecocentric mom; it’s one time of the month when I actually look forward to opening the mailbox.  Each month I receive a small box packed full of eco-friendly products just for me!

The November box arrived last week and did not disappoint.  Tonight I made myself a nice cup of White Goji Blossom tea from Miss Tea (certified organic loose leaf tea) and nibbled on a Rugers Gluten Free/Wheat Free/GMO Free Chocolate Wafer bar.  While they have mom-to-be and mom & baby boxes I really, truly love my mom box!  I even save the treats for after the kids are in bed so I don’t have to share.

What other surprises are hidden inside the ecocentric mom boxes?  This month there are 2 sample size pouches of Rockin’ Green Soap laundry detergent (sweet) which is perfect for any stinky laundry; including cloth diapers!  There was one little item that I’ll share with the kids; a new book by Unboxed Art, “The Earth, the Alphabet and Me.”  Want me to spoil the rest of the boxes contents??  Scroll down and I’ll show you.


If you don’t want to see the rest of the contents stop scrolling now, go back to the top of the page and click on the coupon code ECO3OFF and save $3 off any subscription or gift order.


ecocentric mom subscription box

Random Fact: Lilapops are a local brand of all natural cough drop lollipops from Clearwater, FL.

Random Fact: I have one of the original Rockin’ Green packages from when Kim, the owner, use to make the detergent in her kitchen at home.

Disclosure: Ecocentric mom sent me the box in exchange for my opinions and this post.  Affiliate links are present in this post and when you click on them and make a purchase you help fund my Starbucks addiction.  I’m seeking professional help on that one!   

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