What? Me Blog?

It seems like I haven’t really spent much time on my own blog lately since I’ve been so super busy with work (Kelly’s Closet) and writing for Tampa Bay Moms Blog.  Some days I forget that I actually have a blog of my own to keep up.

Today I have decided to spend the weekend focusing some of my energy back here; I’m attending the Type-A conference in Atlanta.  I bought my ticket ages ago and haven’t even looked at the schedule of events that start tomorrow.  All I know is that registration and breakfast start early – somewhere around 8am!  That means I’ll actually have to get up and get dressed before I normally wake up.

Let’s talk travel for a minute.  I absolutely LOVE to fly, but I don’t love it so much when I’m flying standby out of Orlando when all the flights are overbooked.  I also wasn’t prepared for how busy the Orlando airport would be on a Thursday morning.  I’m used to flying out of my tiny little Tampa airport where it takes me 15 minutes to get from my car to the plane – not so quick in Orlando.

I got the privilege of parking on the curb at the offsite airport parking because they were full.  Sat on a bus for what felt like 20 minutes just to get to the airport then stood in line at security for another 20-30 minutes with a bunch of frustrated travelers.  Once I got through security I quickly found my way to the closest Starbucks to fuel up for my day.

Little did I know that I would sit and wait for 5 flights before there would finally be room on a plane for me.  One of the joys of flying standby (airline family) is that you don’t a confirmed ticket.  I knew it could potentially take me a while to get to Atlanta, but I really wasn’t prepared for this long of a day.  From start to finish – I left my parents house at 10am and got into the hotel at 9pm.  I won’t even go into the details of my train ride to the hotel on MARTA in an effort to save you from my whining about public transit.

I’m here and I’m ready for the conference to start.  I’m rooming with 2 new friends whom I’ve never met before (which is completely normal for blogging conferences).  I should probably go read up on their blogs and learn a little about them – you should too!

Krista – Army Wife Style and Jennifer – Comeback Momma

Want to learn more about Type-A Conference?  Here is the link to this weeks schedule: http://typeacon2013.sched.org/

What do I hope to get out of the weekend?  I have no idea!!  Maybe some incentive to actually post here on my blog instead of everywhere else.  Maybe some tips that I can share with my clients.  Or maybe just a few days away from reality to spend with friends (old and new).

For now, I think I’ll try to get some rest.

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