Lassig: Best Diaper Bag for Cloth Diapers

Best Diaper Bag for Cloth Diapers Lassig

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from other cloth diapering mom’s is, “What diaper bag do you use with your cloth diapers?”  Cloth diapers do take up a little more room in your bag compared to disposable diapers.  I remember with my first child, I would stuff 10-12 disposable diapers in the bag and just leave them there.  Every few days I would have to add more, but I never worried about having enough diapers even if I used a smaller diaper bag.

I’m also not a big fan of bags, especially diaper bags.  When they were babies, I had Target, Walart, and Babies”R”Us to shop at and they didn’t have anything cute back then.  I ended up using a tote bag for both of my kids because I just couldn’t see myself carrying a Winne the Pooh bag around with me all day.  Wow, how things have changed since then.  I’m sure cute bags were around then, but I never found them.

Let me introduce you to the Lassig Tender Multipocket diaper bag.  Lassig is a company from Germany who’s goal is to design and manufacture sustainable products from non-toxic and eco-friendly components.  Lassig bags do NOT contain PVC, azo dyes, phthalates, nickel or cadmium so they are safe for you and your baby.  The Lassig line includes diaper bags, satchels, backpacks, wheeled suitcases (trolley’s) and even lunch bags.

I’ve been using my Lassig bag for travel mostly or when we’re going to be out for most of the day.  It’s large enough to hold my Chromebook, iPad, and miscellaneous items that I pack if they kids are coming along with me.  It’s stylish enough for me to carry as a travel bag without people wondering why I’m carrying a diaper bag.  I love that it has lots of little pockets that are designed with a mom in mind.  One of the front pockets has space for keys, cell phones, and even my wallet.

How does it work for a diaper bag?  Will it hold cloth diapers?  

diaper bag for cloth diaper


I think that answers your question, doesn’t it?  I was able to easily fill it with 6 one-size cloth diapers, a change of clothing, a wet bag, a burp cloth, changing pad, snacks, a sippy cup, and all of my belongings as well.  You could easily add a few more items and still be able to close it easily.

What items do you put in your diaper bag?  I asked some friends of mine and here are some of the items they listed:

  • Wet bag, breast pads, tummy drops and Tylenol.  -Nicole G.
  • Snacks, change of clothes, bibs.  -Lisa J.
  • 2 diapers, wipes, spare outfit and a wet bag.  – Amy S.
  • Wet bag, spray bottle for wipes, rash cream, toys, snacks, nursing cover, burp cloth, and a few items from my purse.  -Sarah S.
  • Diapers, change of clothes, wipes, sunscreen, sippy cups, snacks, nursing cover, spit up rag, binky, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, wet bag and wallet.  -Sarah H.
  • With soon to be 3 kids under the age of 4, just about everything but the kitchen sink.  -Megan H.

How to Pack a Diaper Bag for Cloth Diapers


Here is a quick glance at everything that fit inside the Lassig Tender Multipocket diaper bag that you might need for your baby or toddler.  Curious about a certain item?  I’ve listed everything below to help identify them for you.  Can you guess what everything is without peeking?   

  1. Lassig Tender Multipocket diaper bag
  2. Sloomb/Sustainablebabyish knit shorties (Capri color)
  3. iPhone & sunglasses
  4. Keys
  5. Removable bottle holder (comes standard with the diaper bag)
  6. Rockabums one-size cloth diaper
  7. Sloomb/Sustainablebabyish fitted diaper (Aqua Unicorn Chevvie – August)
  8. Rumparooz G2 one-size cloth diaper (Preppy)
  9. Truebar snack bar (found in this months Ecocentric Mom box)
  10. Smart Bottoms cloth diaper
  11. EcoSprout Bottom Balm
  12. Moraki cloth diaper
  13. Thirsties Duo AIO cloth diaper
  14. NEW! Thirsties wet bag (Blackbird)
  15. Sigg active top bottle/sippy for kids
  16. Geffen Baby hemp prefold
  17. WaterWipes
  18. Annie’s snacks
  19. GoGo Squeeze
  20. Changing pad (comes standard with the diaper bag)

You can find most of the cloth diapers and accessories at Kelly’s Closet.  If you’re in the US, you can find the Lassig line of bags at Lassig USA.

What’s in YOUR diaper bag?  Leave a comment below with the most random item that is currently in your diaper bag.  

Disclosure: Many products featured in this post have been sent for review, some products have been purchased by me.  My opinions are my own, and not those of any of the companies mentioned above.  XOXO! 


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  1. Jennifer O. says

    That still does not look big enough for my needs. I pack 8 to 12 pocket diapers, 2 or 3 pairs of underwear, 2 wet bags, some gallon ziplock bags, 4 extra outfits (2 per kid), snacks and drinks for 2 kids, my pocketbook, a grooming kit, keys, Iphone, and toys for 2 kids. I am currently using a Thirty one tote, but I want a diaper bag that looks like a big purse with a single zipper on the top. I am not an one to overpack, I just need all that I listed.

    • says

      Have you looked at La Bella Couture? Custom design, a waterproof section, plenty of room and pockets and all for $129. Voted best product of 2014 in Showcase Magazine. On top of that, made in the USA!

  2. says

    Liking the stylish look on this bag.

    Call it cute dang and I want it but skip hop beats this one for me.

    Am an over-carry mom when it comes to baby bottles. Otherwise, I believe in being as minimalistic as much as I can.

    Nice one though, I would swipe my card for it.

    Blessed day ahead
    Rose recently posted..Foldable Changing Table CheckedMy Profile

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