10 Non-Cloth Diapering Uses for CJ’s BUTTer & a Giveaway

10 Uses for CJs BUTTer


Have you heard of CJ’s BUTTer?  If you use cloth diapers you might be familiar with the brand of diaper rash creams and spritz.  It’s all-natural and gentle for the most sensitive skin and is safe to use with your diapers.

CJ’s BUTTer comes in a variety of different forms; spray (spritz), stick, tubes, and jars.  The most fun part of CJ’s is their collection of scents!  I’m sure you’ve heard of Monkey Farts, My Pixie Pie, Warm Vanilla Cake, and Blueberry Crumble (just a few of the delicious scents).

Did you know that CJ’s BUTTer isn’t just for diaper rashes?  Now that my kids are both out of diapers we still use CJ’s BUTTer around the house.

Here are 10 of our favorite non-cloth diapering uses for CJ’s.

  1. Soothes dry chapped lips.  Carry a sample size CJ’s with you in your purse or diaper bag and dab some on chapped lips.  Smells and tastes good when you lick your lips.
  2. Softens dry elbows and feet.  Apply a little CJ’s to your dry elbows and feet before bed and they will be soft by morning.
  3. Eczema relief.  Stop the eczema itchies with a little CJ’s straight from the tub or jar.
  4. DIY Mani-Pedi.  Treat yourself to a little extra pampering at home.  After soaking your hands and feet apply a thick coat of CJ’s and wrap them up in socks for a deep moisturizing treatment.
  5. DIY Spa Treatment.  Mix your CJ’s spritz with some sea salt and create  a quick sea salt scrub to exfoiliate after a nice warm bath.
  6. Yeast infection, rash, thrush, cradle cap, and athlete’s foot.  Whatever the cause of the infection the CJ’s PLUS will help with coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, sesame, vitamin E, and neem oil.  My little girl keeps getting some redness in her lady parts and a quick spritz after using the restroom helps to keep it clean.  Spritz a little CJ’s on cradle cap or other rashes to help soothe and heal.
  7. Spritz leave in conditioner.  I love this one!  Both me and my daughter have long hair so a few spritz of CJ’s after the shower and we won’t battle the tangles.
  8. Spritz after shower moisturizer.  Spritz on a little CJ’s after getting out of the shower and your skin will be nice and soft (and smell good).  No need to apply a separate lotion.
  9. Spritz massage oil.  Baby massage is great for calming your little one.  Spritz a little CJ’s on before you begin the massage and your little one will be relaxed in no time.  Keep a bottle next to your bed and maybe it will spice up your next adult massage!
  10. Rug burns, scrapes and cuts.  For minor scrapes and burns apply a little bit of CJ’s BUTTer from the jar, stick, or even spray.  Your little one will love the fun scent and forget all about their boo boos.

Kelly’s Closet carries CJ’s BUTTer in Jars, Sticks, Spritz, and Tubes in all your favorite scents.  They recently started carrying the Wool Wash and Woolie Revitalizer also to care for your wool diaper covers, shorties, and longies.

Want to win a sample prize pack from CJ’s BUTTER?  Use the rafflecopter application below to enter to win.  Giveaway open in the US to anyone over the age of 18 yrs.  Giveaway ends on 8/23/13.  Good luck!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: The opinions and ideas expressed in this post are my own and not that of any of the companies mentioned.  The giveaway is sponsored by CJ’s BUTTer.  
Kelly's Closet Cloth Diapers

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108 Responses to 10 Non-Cloth Diapering Uses for CJ’s BUTTer & a Giveaway

  1. Laurie says:

    Pink sugar!

  2. Maggie D says:

    I like monkey farts lol

  3. hayley s says:

    Oatmeal, milk, and honey!

  4. Christina says:

    Never tried it, but I think I’d like the Coconut Lime

  5. Nicole Gutermann says:

    My fave is Mango Sugar & Mint

  6. rosie says:

    Why didn’t I get here earlier? Anyway, just for fun, I always go for unscented.
    rosie recently posted..Best Leeloo Fifth Element CostumeMy Profile

  7. This is such a great list! I’m going to try the DIY manicure one tomorrow and keep some CJ’s in our medicine cabinet for the next time one of my boys’ has gets a scrape-likely, tomorrow too;)
    Sara Vartanian recently posted..This Is A Cloth Diaper Cheat SheetMy Profile

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