Kid-Friendly Rockets for the 4th of July


As much as I look forward to the 4th of July I dread listening to the news the next day and hearing how many innocent children were injured as a result of fireworks, sparklers, and other 4th of July festivities.  I actually got into an argument with my husband a few years ago because I thought he was putting the kids in danger.  At the time I believe my son was 6 or 7 and he was letting him “help” him with the little stuff.  Bottle rockets are NOT little stuff and I was freaking out.

Living in Florida you can buy fireworks at just about every street corner, grocery store and big box store there is.  Heck, I think you can even get them at the drug store.  I will admit that I’m a sucker for sparklers but they still scare me around my kids because of how hot they get.  Another dangerous thing about Florida and fireworks; we are never wearing shoes!  I’m pretty sure my husband steps on a spark every year.

How do you keep your kids safe while still celebrating the 4th of July?  Sure you could go to a professional fireworks display but that means packing up the family and staying out way past dark.

One idea is to get crafty with your kids and let them create their own rockets that they can “shoot off” over and over again.  I received a Kiwi Crate Rocket party favor mini-crate with supplies to make 10 different rockets (with 3 colorful mega straws) for the kids to try out this year and they haven’t stopped laughing yet.

KiwiCrate RocketsWhile I was hard at work this afternoon I let the kids create their rockets using the easy to follow directions inside the mini-crate.  The only supplies they needed were a pair of scissors and that was optional.  My son is old enough that he read over the directions and helped my daughter make her rocket too.  It was cute to see them work together on their rockets.

Next it was time to try them out.  1…2…3…BLOW!  They giggled so hard as their rockets shot across the kitchen and living room.  The best part is that they could reuse their rockets again and again.

Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription craft box that is delivered to your family for hours of fun and excitement.  You can try Kiwi Crate for as little as $16.95 a month or you can buy their party favor and mini-crates for $6 or more.  Since there are two kids in our house we love that they offer a sibling add-on feature to their crates to double your order without doubling the price.

Use coupon code FIREWORKS and save 10% of your entire order (offer may expire at any time, see site for details) or you can use my unique referral link (<—click there) and save $10 off your order.  

Disclosure: I received a rocket party favor for my kids to play with and if you try a Kiwi Crate I’ll earn a little referral money that I will probably use to fund my new crate addiction!  Thanks for that!  


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