How to Stop the Mosquito Itch

Living in Florida there is one thing I have grown to despise, MOSQUITO’S!  I can’t go outside after dusk without the fear of being eaten alive by those blood sucking monsters!  My poor little girl gets devoured and usually ends up with red itchy bumps all over her pretty face.

Tonight I decided to let the kids swim after dinner – knowing well enough that we would all be covered in bug bites when we got inside.  Not really much you can do when they are swimming to prevent the bugs from biting (other than staying underwater) so we’re left with the battle of the itch once we get inside.

I was the only one attacked tonight and decided to pull out my BALM! Baby Diaper Balm (a cloth diaper friendly balm which is also a 1st Aid balm) and see how well it worked on the bites.  Just dab a little bit on the itchy spots and let it start working.  Within just a few short minutes the itching stopped and there are no more red raised bumps!  It’s now several hours later and the itching hasn’t returned – it’s GONE!

Bye Bye Bug Bites

Thank you BALM! Baby for relieving my itching skin!  Bye Bye Bug Bites!!

Disclosure: BALM! Baby has been a past sponsor of The Eco Chic and I have samples of their product I received to review.  I also have products like The Pits! and SUN! that I’ve repurchased myself because I love them!    

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