Sensual Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe

sensual sea salt scrub recipe

Are you looking for a new way to connect with your loved one?  Send the kids to Grandma’s for a few days this summer and plan a spa day (or evening) at home with your special someone.  Skip the expensive day spa and make your own experience at home with a few simple ingredients.

Start with a nice warm aromatherapy mineral bath with Eupohoric Ylang Ylang.  I dissolved a pack of Aura Cacia pure essential oil mineral bath and slipped in to get relaxed.  The smell of ylang ylang, bergamot, and ginger uplifts your spirt and warms the body and senses.

Next enjoy a gentle foot or body massage with a sensual sea salt body scrub.  Make up a batch of the sea salt body scrub ahead of time using course sea salt, virgin organic coconut oil, and your favorite essential oils (I used Ylang Ylang).  Gently massage the sea salt body scrub over dry or rough skin to soften them up.

Finally, finish your massage with some Euphoria aromatherapy body oil and the rest is up to you!

How to Make Sensual Sea Salt Body Scrub


Directions:  In a small bowl stir the melted coconut oil with the sea salt until evenly distributed.  Add the essential oils and stir until well mixed.  The mixture will still look course like moist sea salt.  Store in a small jelly jar, baby food jar, or other container until ready to use.  Chill if desired.

Do you have a favorite spa treatment that you’d like to make at home?  How else do you connect with your loved one?  Check out these other quick tips and uses for Ylang Ylang essential oils on the Aura Cacia website or follow them on Facebook for more fun with essential oils.

Disclosure: Affiliate links are present in this post.  Samples of the Aura Cacia products mentioned in this post were provided for me to review and use.  
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