The Candy Crush Curse

Candy Crush CurseLook familiar?  That ONE lone jelly just sitting their taunting you on Candy Crush!  What, you don’t play Candy Crush?

If you’re on Facebook you’ve probably received those “requests” we all hate to play your stupid game or donate lives so you can get to the next level.  I’ve seen them for months and resisted the temptation to download another time suck game to my iPhone.  I have no idea what made me take the leap a few days ago and see what all the addiction was about – but I did – and no you may never see me blog again!  Remember that feeling you got when you first jumped on Pinterest and pinned beautiful pictures of crafts you’ll never made for HOURS at a time?  Yeah, that’s how I feel about Candy Crush today.

It starts out so innocently as you easily complete the first few levels.  You’re sitting at your sons karate class clearing level after level until this happens….

CandyCrush2…just like that time you ran out of your favorite ice cream at midnight after the stores are closed – you’ve hit the end of your lives!  WHAT?  What do you mean I can’t play again for 8:26 minutes?  WHAT?  What do you mean I have to “Ask friends” by sending them messages on Facebook to admit that I’m addicted to some stupid game!  NO, I’m not going to BUY more lives – what are you smoking?  

and I sit there for 8:26 minutes waiting for my next turn.




…and then I use the rest of my lives up just trying to clear that one board I’m stuck on!  Refusing to let this game “beat me!”  Until I get that dreaded “Time to next life” screen again.  This time I resort to asking my friends for help.

Fast forward to bedtime – the kids are all in bed and there’s blogging to be done but first I pick up my phone and see that someone has sent me lives on Candy Crush.  “I’ll just play one board,” I say to myself.

2 hours later…I’m still playing!  Begging my friends for pretend lives, admitting my addiction openly on Facebook for the entire world to see!  I NEED MORE CANDY!!!  

Uh oh, Jimmy Kimmel is on – I must go to bed!  Oh crap – that project I promised Company X never got done.  Those emails just sat in my inbox unanswered.  The dishes are still in the sink and the laundry never got started.  I could have been preparing my kids lunches for school in the morning or answering a few more questions from concerned cloth diaper customers.

Instead – I play Candy Crush!  

Note to clients waiting for my next great post or even a response to your email – don’t worry, my addiction won’t last long and I promise to feature your fabulous product once I run out of lives and have 28 more minutes to wait until I can play again OR when I get to level 350 and beat Candy Crush.  Thank you so much for understanding – but I know you’re also playing Candy Crush so I shouldn’t feel so bad, right!

Candy Crush and Cloth Diapers


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  1. Amanda H. says

    If you play on your computer (on facebook) you can use 5 lives, but DON’T ever accept lives your friends send you. Hoard those babies like precious gems. Then, when you play on your phone and you’re out of lives, start accepting them from your mailbox. Voila, lots and lots of lives for candy crush.

    I apologize in advance to anyone you’re going to ignore due to your candy crush addiction.

  2. says

    thank god! I am not the only one. I am not sure if it is good or bad knowing there are others in the same boat as me, choosing chaos the next day instead of getting work done, choosing less sleep rather than being fully rested. I guess I wasn’t stopping so at least now I know I am not alone….

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